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The Most Useful Mobile Apps to Use in 2020

Mobile applications offer a service to make our life easier, and they are readily available every minute. We can’t complain there isn’t an app for a problem; as a matter of fact, we have a little too many of them each providing a solution of its own. Most of us don’t have the time to use and test each app to find the most useful app. I’ve shared some of the most useful mobile applications, providing different types of services to use in 2020.

Microsoft To-Do List

Though Microsoft is a big name, the To-Do List is one of the most underrated apps. Just like all other services of this tech giant, this app also offers a great user experience. It works as an assistant that reminds us of our pending tasks. I know many apps have been doing the same for many years, but none match its ease and usability. You can install it on your laptop and mobile phone or use it online, all with the same login to synchronize your tasks.

Western Union

Western Union is globally known as a money transferring service. They have agents worldwide to help you send and receive money in the shortest time and minimum charges. To further make things easier for you, they have also launched a  money transferring app. You no longer have to go out to find an agent, and the work of minutes is now done in seconds. Moreover, you can track your money and pay bills with this app. 


Every business is a tech company in this age. Uber is a ride-hailing service, but they do it through a mobile app. It rapidly gained 110 million users due to its usability. It not only offers a pick and drop service but also provides an opportunity to earn a decent living. Its smart peer to peer ridesharing and delivery system has revolutionized the cab services. Travelers get a ride at home, and drivers get a job with flexible hours. 


Everyone knows about this social media app, but we couldn’t have completed our list without mentioning WhatsApp. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, its one app more that is more focused on providing service. Yes, it helps you stay up to date with your social circle, but we also can’t overlook how it has made it easier to communicate with people in other countries through mobile phones. You make audio calls, video calls, and chat with your friends and family free of cost. 


This one app replaced an expensive piece of hardware whose only function was to provide a soft form of hard copies. Some smart people realized this could be done with a camera and an algorithm. CamScanner is a renowned app today, used all around the world. You can take a picture of the document and this app will adjust and enhance the result itself. 


This app doesn’t exactly have a big name, but it does have over 40 million downloads on Google Play. All because it helps you correct your mistakes – the kind of mistakes we regret most frequently. It helps us recover deleted files from the mobile phone. Whether it be office documents or multimedia files, this app brings them back for you in the original form, free of cost. 

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