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The Facebook Hashtag Is Coming!

The hashtag has been helping Tweeters organize their lives for many years now and is a major part of Twitter. But there will soon be a Facebook hashtag as well! It has been integrated into a number of other social media outlets including Instagram, but it will soon be jumping aboard Facebook! Reportedly, Zuckerberg wants to use it in Facebook to group users conversations together, #interesting…

Is it just me, or is there something that just doesn’t sit right with the idea that Facebook is planning to use Twitter’s best feature? Does this mean Facebook will just turn into Twitter?


The hash tag is a way of grouping things together, for example if I made a Facebook status “I love #GeekMagazine”; readers would click on the hash tag to see other posts including that tag. This feature is especially great when using Twitter to follow events for sports matches.

It seems like a bit of a cop out from Facebook to me, why can’t they develop their own system? I know the hashtag is not owned or created by Twitter or anything like that but come on! When you think about the hashtag, you can’t tell me that Twitter is not the first thing that comes to mind!

Facebook’s global reputation has taken enough hits over the last 12 months, if this rumor comes true they will slide further. Take the Facebook share prices for example, still floating a round a messily $25. The Hash tag first appeared on Twitter in 2007 and has since become Twitters most widely known feature. 2009 is when Twitter started to hyperlink each hashtag so viewers could read Tweets about a similar topic by clicking any hashtag.

In early 2011 Instagram introduced the hashtag and one year later Instagram was bought by Facebook. The battle between Twitter and Facebook has been going on for years. The two giants of the social media world are continuously looking for ways to annoy each other. If Zuckerberg introduces the hashtag, I’m sure he’ll do more than just annoy the team at Twitter.

Facebook vs twitter vs pinterest – 2013 statistics [infographic] - envision media 360
Source www.envisionmedia360.com
Facebook is still much larger than Twitter in terms of user numbers, but Twitter still has a big voice over other competitors.  Facebook on the other hand is a lot more diverse. Twitter is basically used for one reason – whereas Facebook is used for a range of different things.

There has been no mention of when the hashtag will be integrated into Facebook, but I bet Twitter is dreading the day. This move could  make the monopoly that Facebook is even more powerful in the world of social media.