5 Geek Neckties for the Fashion-Savvy Geek

Wear these geek neckties to work – no one said that geeks had to be boring with style. Besides, more than likely, you work for an awesome tech company, where they will be more than appreciated. If you’re looking for possible solutions to spruce up your boring work routine, get these treasured items. Hey, they’re not geeky necklaces, but they can still give you that much needed fashion fix.

1. PI 50th Decimal Green Silk Necktie – For the Manly Geek

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Fancy some pi?

If ever you’re in the mood for some silk-lovin’, get your silky hands all over this little silky number. Yes, we do mean that literally – this Pi necktie isn’t just geeky for its aesthetics, it’s also geeky for its fine details! At first it may seem like only the symbol of Pi is included, but the decimals of Pi are actually included in the overall design. There’s no need for you to forget it anymore.

Wear this geek necktie for: This is usually for classy office parties, don’t you think so? Its intricate design is subtle yet detailed. Also, we can’t forget the fact that its material is silk.

Don’t wear it for: Your Mr. Pi Man’s costume. It just won’t add up.

2. Men’s UPC Code Shopping Tie

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 5 geek neckties for the fashion-savvy geek, living
This geek necktie is too witty for it to be discreet!

If you just want to wear something  for the heck of it, buying this geek necktie will be the most deserving investment you can ever make in your geek life. Just take a look at the sheer genius of it all – wearing this one will be like telling your boss, “Yes, I’m too valuable – just look at this code shopping tie that I’m currently sporting!”

Wear this geek necktie for: This is usually recommended if your workplace is of the fun variety. It also helps if your workplace doesn’t typically demand its employees to wear the traditional and boring office wear.

Don’t wear it for: Not a good idea to wear this while meeting with highly conservative investors, though. Use the Pi necktie for that!

3. Elements Red Polyester Tie

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 5 geek neckties for the fashion-savvy geek, living
It has the list of elements. What more can you possibly want?

This geeky necktie isn’t just valuable for its design. It’s also extremely useful for its content as well. Just look at it and savor it for a while – have you seen any necktie like this before? Maybe the one who conceptualized this one had a problem memorizing the periodic table of elements back in his childhood.

Wear this geek necktie for: It’s recommended for your work as an educator. It doesn’t really matter if you’re teaching English, Math, Science or even Literature – almost everyone is familiar with the periodic table of elements anyway, so you’re most likely to encounter someone who can get the idea of it. (If no one, and I mean no one, even noticed the significance of this necktie – or if no one even smirked at it – leave that educational institution right now. Seriously.)

Don’t wear it for: If your class is having their quiz regarding the periodical table of elements, it is probably a bad idea for you to wear this on that day. No one will be able to concentrate and a few may even try to use your necktie to blatantly cheat. Your students would be frustrated because they can see little bits of the answers but they can’t really use the answers. It’s frustrating. You don’t want your students to suffer, do you?

4. Power on Button Black Microfiber Necktie

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 5 geek neckties for the fashion-savvy geek, living
Power up your work life with this geeky necktie.

This microfiber necktie is a smart work accessory for you to wear on your usual work days – it’s black, geeky and reasonably priced. If you’re a geek who is into minimalism as of this moment, it would be right for you to get this one. You can even buy three, if you’d like, so that you can wear it consistently all throughout the work week. Go on, there’s no need for you to hesitate anymore – this geeky necktie is an absolute keeper.

Wear this geek necktie for: If you are in a semi-conservative workplace, this necktie is perfect. Its neutral tone won’t really get you in a lot of trouble. Also, your colleagues might appreciate your individuality. If you work in an electric company, they will be talking about you around the water cooler instead of last nights episode of Dr. Who!

Don’t wear it for: It’s really not advisable for you to wear this on your first date since your date may read you the wrong way. I mean, yes, maybe you just got out of work and you forgot to bring a spare necktie with you, so you’re wearing this one while thinking that maybe she won’t mind. Take note of this: some girls sometimes over-think, so wearing this might lead to assumptions –  they might think of you as some kind of  a pervert. “Press this button to turn me on…”

5. Keyboard Microfiber Necktie

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 5 geek neckties for the fashion-savvy geek, living
It’s an awesome-looking piece!

This keyboard necktie is something that your geeky girlfriend would actually appreciate. It looks fun without really being childish. Also, it brings out a bit of your personality without really offending anyone. It’s quirky, it’s geeky and it’s made out of microfiber!

Wear this geek necktie for: On your next romantic date with your girlfriend. If you’re cheesy enough, you can even mark the letters “I L Y” in red ink so that your girlfriend will be touched. Think about it: she’d stare at your necktie and ask why the three letters are marked and then you’d give her a smoldering look and say, “These three mean I love you…” How’s that for a date?

Don’t wear it for: Obviously, if you’re not in good terms with your girlfriend right now…

Would you buy these geek neckties? Which one are you most likely to get? Don’t forget to comment!