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Top 5 Geeky Necklaces for Every Fashionista

Check out these fabulously geeky necklaces, for you to combine geek and chic in one attractive package!

It is incredibly hard being considered as a geek girl. For one thing, you just can’t help but to have an identity crisis when it comes to polishing your latest wardrobe. Should you go into full girly mode complete with the cute dresses and frilly laces? Should you explore the world of geek goths who are into dark make-up, dark clothes and even dark accessories? Or should you just adapt the geek-next-door look while wearing faded jeans, casual tee shirts and your usual footwear?

Are you digging this geeky girl’s look?

What look should you take?

Regardless of the look, though, the accessories really are the most important piece of the outfit. Remember that whichever look you choose, won’t really be complete without the ‘all-too needed’ necklace. Let’s face it: accessories such as necklaces, bags, rings and bracelets can either make or break your look.

Now that that’s settled, let’s go and tackle the first series of accessories that every trendy and geeky chic should have: geeky necklaces for every fashionista!

1. Silver Medical History Caduceus USB Pendant (4 GB)

Top 5 geeky necklaces
This is the perfect geeky necklace for those with medical conditions!

Geeky necklace for: If you are a geeky chic who needs to carry your medical records and significant documents everywhere you go, you can get this medical necklace as a treat for yourself.  It is already practical and stylish so you can have your own peace of mind and a few pairs of eyes looking your way as you don this aesthetic accessory.

Use for: When you’re going to a trip abroad or to a trip just a few cities away from your home, wearing this geeky necklace is definitely suggested! You can put your patient information records, diagnostic results and medication history in this little useful device. You can also put in your insurance documents, if you want. Be careful to never let this necklace out of your sight, though!

2. Tdz Bronzed Chic Geek Glasses Necklace

Top 5 geeky necklaces
Look at this two-in-one accessory – isn’t it cute?

Geeky necklace for: If you are a witty and independently-thinking chic, then go ahead and grab one of these two-in-one beauties for your fashion needs. Its color is not the sparkly and eye-blinding kind so you can wear it without making any fuss at all.

Use for: Will you be going to your prom? Wearing this piece with an elegant gown is sure to spark the interest of many people.  It is girly enough and geeky enough to leave a lasting impression. For a casual look, you can pair this geeky necklace with your usual jeans-and-shirt attire as well. It can make you look simply pretty without giving the impression that you’re trying too hard – this is what a casual attire is all about, after all.

3. Geek Glasses and Mustache Necklace Silver Color

Top 5 geeky necklaces
Hey, it’s like you have your own face pendant!

Geeky necklace for: If you are one of those chics who love tuning in to today’s fashion trends, you would know that the “mustache” is one of those pieces which are currently being overused today. Everywhere you go, you see a mustache here and a mustache there. Well, then, why don’t you choose to stand out from the crowd and get this stunning glasses and mustache necklace instead? It certainly sets you apart: you can be a true blue geek because you have the glasses to back you up and you can also be a forward-thinking woman by incorporating the mustache in your look.

Use for: Are you going on your first-ever date? This geeky necklace is definitely the piece that you should wear! Almost everyone right now is familiar with the “mustache” icon so your date is most likely to recognize your necklace’s icon. If not, well, at least you can use this necklace as a conversation-starter, right? Talk about the importance of silver or the significance of lead-free items, if your date finds that interesting!

4. Heirloom Finds Robot Bling Fuchsia Necklace with Moveable Arms and Legs

Top 5 geeky necklaces
This is a she-robot to accompany you everywhere you go.

Geeky necklace for: If you are a child-at-heart geeky chic, you can’t go wrong by choosing this toy robot necklace to be your trusted companion. It is such a dainty 2-inch product that has movable arms and legs so you can play with it while you’re waiting for your friend during your next get-together or simply while you’re thinking by yourself.

Use for: This cute necklace puts forward the impression that you’re fun-loving and playful so this is the perfect piece for you to wear while going on a sporty date, while waiting for your girl friends to meet with you, while visiting your parents or while chilling by yourself. You can wear this while you’re in a quaint cafe, in a sports arena or in a trendy bar – you can wear this practically anywhere! The detailed touch of rhinestones all over this geeky necklace is a nice touch as well.

5. Enchanted Bunny vs Small Rock Sterling Necklace Big Bang Theory Inspired

Top 5 geeky necklaces
Hey, maybe your geeky soul mate will now be attracted to your womanly charms.

Geeky necklace for: If you’re a geeky chic who values her shiny piece of silver, waste no time in snagging this Enchanted Bunny and Small Rock necklace now! Its production is highly influenced by the hit show The Big Bang Theory so you are already guaranteed of its awesomeness!

Use for: Before we talk about the appropriate usage of this particular product, let’s learn a little bit about the necklace’s history, shall we? This is basically about the epic fight between Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Wil Wheaton: instead of choosing to stab Wil from hell’s heart (figuratively, of course!), Sheldon chose to use the Enchanted Bunny card to let Wil use his Small Rock card to beat him. The lesson here? Wear this to your tournament sessions or to your monthly debating contests – your enemy is sure to crumble.

Which geeky necklace are you planning to purchase?