Ten 2016 Father’s Day Gifts for Your Geeky Dad

Stormtrooper dad, geeky father's day gifts

Geeky Dads, and Dads in general, come in limitless varieties, so this list will obviously not be comprehensive. But hopefully it will either happen to recommend the perfect gift or inspire you to explore further in the right direction. They are arranged in order from the least to most expensive.

1. For the Binary Lovin’ Geek Dad

Binary dad tshirt would make a great father's day gift

Binary DAD T-Shirt: Any of these t-shirts at Cafepress will be perfect for Dads whose hearts and minds light up for binary. They will not need us to tell them that the shirt say DAD in binary code. Cafepress offers a range of colors and styles from $11.49 and up here.

2. For Geeky Dads Who Like Superhero Fashion

Super-hero-socks for father's day

Superhero Socks: These comfy crew socks even have a cape. They will bring a smile to your Dad’s face when he dons them and may put an extra lift in his step. You can buy them for $11.99 at the Super Hero Stuff site.

3. For Geeky Dads Who Need Stuff to Stay Places

The grip strip, father's day

The Grip Strip: This super useful polymer grippy pad is great for phones but also can hold pens, sunglasses, etc. It’s water and heat resistant and you can find it at Firebox for £17.99 ($20.21).

4. For Geeky Dads Who Need to Jot Stuff Down

Boogie board lcd writing tablet, father's day gift ideas

Boogie Board 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet: This writing and drawing tablet includes a stylus and is lightweight and erasable. The description says one tablet can save 50,000 sheet of paper. This one is $29.99 on Amazon and you can view all of boogie board’s products here.

5. For Geek Dads Who Just Love Naps

Ostrich pillow for father's day

Ostrich Pillow Light: This cushy, lightweight pillow can be a supportive neck pillow or an awesome napping mask. It’s soft and includes noise-reducing beads in its composition. It’s at digg for $39.99.

6. For the Geeky Dad Who Loves Atari

Atari flashback for father's day

Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console: This classic system includes 6 games including Space Invaders, Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command; the gaming console; and two control sticks. Find it at Urban Outfitters for $68.00.

7. For a Geek Dad Who Loves Art and/or Design


3Doodler 3D Printing Pen 2.0: Draw in the air and print with plastic simultaneously. Help your Dad to expand his ability to effortlessly create in three dimensions. This gift is $84.99 without accessories–read more or purchase it from Think Geek here.

8. For Geeky Dads Training to Be Jedi Masters

Star-wars-hologram father's day gift idea

The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience: For Jedis in the making, this product actually measures your brain waves so that you can alter holographic images at ten different levels of concentration. It requires a tablet which is not included and you can get it at uncle milton for $99.99.

9. For Geeky Dads Who Love Things That Fly and Also Need to Record Aerial Footage

Discovery RC Quadcopter with HD Camera: This quadcopter with a camera is easy to fly and per the product description, takes “HD movies and photos at a resolution of 1280 x 720 and 30 frames per second.” You can get one at Think Geek for $99.99.

10. For Geek Dads Who Love Durable Audio Tech

Ue roll, father's day gift idea

UE Roll: If your Dad could use a sturdy and well-designed Bluetooth speaker, consider this compact, 360-degree waterproof model with a sleek disc shape. While it doesn’t float, if you purchase one from UE’s website, you’ll get a mini life preserver for $149.95 total.

Good luck shopping for your Geeky Dad, and have a great Father’s Day!

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