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Comic review: avengers #10

Comic Review: Avengers #10

There’s plenty of mysteries to solve in the most recent instalment of the new Avengers storyline. But are there any answers to Marvel fans’ questions in the latest issue, and is this comic book worth your precious time and money? We have all the details here with Geek Insider’s review of Avengers #10. Earth’s Mightiest…

Comic review: wolverine max #6

Comic Review: Wolverine MAX #6

The Wolverine MAX series tells the tale of a slightly different version of the popular X-Men member we all know and love. The Marvel MAX imprint deals with stories aimed at adult audiences and contains explicit content. A perfect home for the deadly Wolverine, wouldn’t you think? Lets’ find out with Geek Insider’s very first…

On the uncanny avengers “m” word debate

On the Uncanny Avengers “M” Word Debate

There’s no denying that the characters and stories held within the floppy, unassuming pages of comic books have shaped modern film, animation, pop culture and beyond. Even so, the world of comic book publishing still sits alone on the fringe of popular media and out of the public eye. X-Men Fans Defend Marvel’s Mutants and…