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Welcome to fuckin’ letterkenny

Welcome to Fuckin’ Letterkenny

In 2016 the Canadian equivalency of Comedy Central, aptly named The Comedy Network, aired a show called Letterkenny. Originally made by Crave TV for Canadian viewers, the show was recently picked up by the rising television show titan Hulu. Before the show came to the states it had snippets of episodes on YouTube. These went…

Netflix in october: everything coming and going

Netflix in October: Everything Coming and Going

Autumn is officially here and Netflix is looking to take advantage of people staying indoors. In October, Netflix is bringing a ton of originals along with a bunch of well-known classics like Titanic and Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the streaming service. Shows like Arrow, The Flash, iZombie, and American Horror Story are also coming in October. A…

Netflix in september: everything that is coming and going

Netflix in September: Everything That is Coming and Going

Here we are again, a new month means more new movies and shows coming to Netflix for our viewing pleasure. Classic films like Jaws and Top Gun are being added the streaming site’s repertoire. More Netflix originals are also joining the fray, with a second season of Narcos and the premiere of Luke Cage both…

Top 10 scary moments from supernatural

Top 10 Scary Moments from Supernatural

I often hear people complaining that TV shows desensitize viewers to violence and horror and turn everyone into complacent sociopaths. While I will defend TV to the death, certain shows make me wonder if maybe they have a point. One such show is Supernatural. By the time I marathoned the first six seasons of the…

6 of the most visually appealing tv shows ever

6 Of The Most Visually Appealing TV Shows Ever

I’m a firm believer that, if done well, TV can be art. An episode can be like hundreds of brilliant paintings all moving and blending together into one masterpiece. The plot, characters, and dialog are like the skeleton and muscles of the episode, but it will never be complete or beautiful without the skin: cinematography….

5 tv shows that should have ended a long time ago

5 TV Shows That Should Have Ended A Long Time Ago

You sit and smile awkwardly as your guest animatedly recounts his pet dog’s dandruff issues. You don’t really want to hear about how he solved the unfortunate skin flakeage by adding dietary supplements to the dog’s nutrient deficient kibble, and you certainly don’t like the nagging suspicion that he doesn’t actually have a dog. In…

The walking dead season 4 episode 2 recap

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

After something of a bland premiere two Sundays ago (though it shattered several television and network records), The Walking Dead aired the second episode of its highly anticipated fourth season on Sunday night. What went down after the chilling cliffhanger a week ago? Did Patrick truly succumb to his illness and turn Walker within the…