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5 TV Shows That Should Have Ended A Long Time Ago

You sit and smile awkwardly as your guest animatedly recounts his pet dog’s dandruff issues. You don’t really want to hear about how he solved the unfortunate skin flakeage by adding dietary supplements to the dog’s nutrient deficient kibble, and you certainly don’t like the nagging suspicion that he doesn’t actually have a dog. In between sneaking glances at his hair, you wonder what went wrong. He used to be so fun to hang out with, but now you just want him to leave so you can nurse the headache that developed while observing the flying spittle escaping his mouth. When he finally leaves, you grab a drink, settle into the cushiony couch, and flip on the TV. Because you have the worst luck known to man, one of the following shows will flick onto your screen. Like your guest, they used to be fun, but something went wrong. Everyone knows it’s good to bow out on a high note; unfortunately these shows didn’t realize that. Here are five shows that have outstayed their welcome.


The biggest problem with will-they-won’t-they couples is that eventually they will, and when they do, their show loses all the dramatic and sexual tension it’s built up over the years. Bones is a clear example of this. For six years we willed Booth and Bones to get together, and when they finally did, fans were over the moon. Since then, unfortunately, the show has lost something. It feels blander and less compelling. The cases each week have felt tired and predictable without the same chemistry between the two leads. Even the villains have been a little underwhelming. It’s obvious the show is in decline, but it keeps being renewed because it is a reliable source of good ratings for FOX.


Before you start sending me hate mail, hear me out. Eric Kripke always intended for Supernatural to end after season 5, and he planned his story arcs accordingly. In seasons 1 through 5, you had the sense that there was always a purpose. The entire series led up to that season 5 finale, building tension and raising the stakes with every season until they finally faced the ultimate adversary: Lucifer himself. Everything had a literary symmetry; loose ends from as far back as season 1 were poetically tied off. “Swan Song” was beautiful and permanent and made the perfect series finale. Except for that last scene, in which the seed was planted for a season 6 that was forced on the writers. Kripke left the show, and the new EP Sera Gamble was left with the unenviable task of creating a threat bigger than Lucifer and the Apocalypse. Seasons 6 and 7 proved that task to be insurmountable, because Gamble completely failed to produce a frightening villain. Season 6’s Eve was baffling and forgettable, and season 7’s leviathans were straight up cartoonish. Both seasons were aimless and awkward, and many fans only continued watching out of loyalty. Thankfully Jeremy Carver took over as EP, and seasons 8 and 9 have improved under his direction, but I can’t help but wish the show had ended as the complete and compelling story it was by season 5.

Grey’s Anatomy

There are only so many hospital shootings, car accidents, train collisions, bombings, bus crashes, and freak rain storms that can happen before it all becomes a little ridiculous. Cristina herself said it best: “I don’t understand how this keeps happening! We keep dying, we’re in a plane crash–right now! I tell you one thing, when we get out of here I’m getting the hell out of Seattle Grace Mercy Death and I am never looking back.” I don’t know if Cristina got the hell out of Seattle Grace Mercy Death, because I did. Tragedies began to feel commonplace and I barely batted an eyelash at the death of a major character, so either I’m really callous or the show has lost its touch.

How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM was a revolutionary show that debuted a groundbreaking and risky way of telling a story. The gamble paid off, because the series was a hit adored by fans and critics alike. But as the seasons passed, what once was a fresh and exciting story began to feel a little old. The characters lost some of their depth, and at times seemed like parodies of their former selves. Currently the show is partway through an uneven 9th and final season, hopefully on the way to a satisfying conclusion. Cue the announcement of a spinoff, creatively titled How I Met Your Father. Let sleeping dogs lie means nothing to these people.


Glee started out as the show that everyone watched and everyone talked about to an irritating degree. Now it’s the show you forgot existed while it was on hiatus. The transition from high school to college is always tough for teenagers and TV Shows, and Glee may well be one of the jocks that peaked in high school. Perhaps it was the attempt to keep one foot in high school and the other in New York, because Glee experienced a serious failure to launch. The writers rectified that mistake by moving the show to New York fulltime, but season 6 will be the show’s last, a fact that no one is sad about. We stopped caring a long time ago.

Did I just bash one of your favorite shows? Feel free to defend it in the comments, or tell us which shows you wish would just bow out already.