Is clearview  making you nervous?

Is Clearview Making You Nervous?

Technology is exciting. But there are some costs to technological advances, and one clear one is to our privacy. Read this for a primer on the privacy concerns surrounding Clearview’s facial recognition tech.

Is this the future of energy?

Is This the Future of Energy?

Here’s the problem: we are going to need a lot more energy to keep up with our advancing technology, the increasing number of electronic devices, and the growth of our cities. But, at the same time, we’re facing a warming planet. To survive, the increase in energy will need to come from renewable sources. The…

Is technology taking over buying a new home?

Is Technology Taking Over Buying A New Home?

Some technological innovations are particularly suited to certain businesses.  Buying a car has become very much an online practice and online gambling has become prevalent, but the focus of this article will be how the net has revolutionised buying a house. Many people endlessly view houses via apps on their phones, so much so that…

How to survive winter with technological assistance

How to Survive Winter with Technological Assistance

I hate winter. I really, really do. It’s cold and dark and depressing and most of my cherished television shows are nearing their season finales. I may know deep down that I should be outside getting some exercise or being productive, but I’m just so comfortable in here with my computer. If you can’t–or won’t–banish…