Who/what is sophia?

Who/What is Sophia?

Sophia is a popular humanoid robot taking over the media and film franchises. Hanson Robotics activated the robot in 2016 and has since made notable appearances and attended numerous high-profile interviews. Sophia became the first robot citizen of a country after Saudi Arabia granted it citizenship.  Sophia is all over social media, and you can…

Sophia the robot: a giant leap forward for ai or all smoke & mirrors?

Sophia the Robot: A Giant Leap Forward for AI or All Smoke & Mirrors?

Just about every time you turn around lately, Sophia the robot is making an appearance. Whether it be on TV’s The Daily Show or the cover of the March edition of Cosmopolitan India, Hanson Robotics’ covergirl is about to officially turn 3 years old and her popularity doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all….