Are smart homes destined to leave us vulnerable?

Are Smart Homes Destined to Leave Us Vulnerable?

Smart homes are definitely a jewel in the crown of Geeks everywhere and they are helping to simplify lives and open doors that were only dreamed of not so long ago. With the ability to actually speak to our homes and have basic tasks completed automatically, millions of consumers are flocking to these tech wonders….

Linear actuators revitalize the smart home automation scene

Linear Actuators Revitalize the Smart Home Automation Scene

Linear actuators were something which revitalized the home automation scene, because they so drastically altered what was possible. While there are many different types of actuator, 12 linear actuators are most common within home automation, as these are smaller, and quieter. Their size means that they can be used more easily by people who are…

Best smart home robots of ces 2017

Best Smart Home Robots of CES 2017

As home automation progressed, it was only logical that the next step be the inclusion of robots into the mix. Smart robots are essentially there to help people run their homes more efficiently, and to make the home more comfortable to live in. Robots are something which have been discussed in terms of general technology…

Family hub: samsung’s cool new smart refrigerator

Family Hub: Samsung’s Cool New Smart Refrigerator

Technology keeps on getting smarter. From smartphones to tablets to TVs, companies are boasting about how smart their latest products are. What will they think of next? If you are not up to speed on the latest smart gadgets, then you probably haven’t heard of the smart refrigerator by Samsung. The Family Hub Refrigerator by…