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Thomas was alone… but not for long

Thomas Was Alone… But Not For Long

Thomas Was Alone is a bit of a strange game. It’s self described as a minimalist puzzle platformer about friendship and jumping. The jumping part isn’t terribly surprising, considering how it would be rather difficult to make a platformer without a means to move around, but the rest of the game is rather pleasantly surprising….

Review: mercenary kings – a retro inspired blast!

Review: Mercenary Kings – A Retro Inspired Blast!

With the recent influx of indie developed games, classic 8-bit and 16-bit creations have been making a resurgence. While side scrollers have never gone out of style it’s been a while since I can remember seeing something that closely resembled the Neo-Geo classic, Metal Slug. This is where Mercenary Kings comes in. It’s a fast-paced…

Kickstarter – mighty no. 9

Kickstarter – Mighty No. 9

Kickstarter is a pretty awesome tool these days. Many incredible ideas have been released to people all over and funded by folks from across the globe. And when they come to life? Man, nothing quite beats that. But I’m not some sort of e-professor teaching you Kickstarter 101 or anything, alright? I’m here to talk…

Kickstarter – metroid: enemies within

Kickstarter – Metroid: Enemies Within

Do you know who Samus Aran is? Well, when this Kickstarter is done, you will know who she is. If you already know who Samus Aran is and think more people should know about her, then there’s a  Kickstarter you might be interested in. Kickstarter- Metroid: Enemies Within I find that today’s world is increasingly…