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New instagram feature raises mental health awareness

New Instagram Feature Raises Mental Health Awareness

With over 500 million active users monthly, Instagram continues to be one of the largest photo sharing platforms worldwide. Given their strong social media presence, the influential app has developed a new feature designed to help users struggling with mental health–because, let’s face it, not everything can be smoothed out with a Valencia filter. According…

Kristen bell unapologetically opens up about mental health

Kristen Bell Unapologetically Opens Up About Mental Health

The Veronica Mars star, Kristen Bell, opens up about her personal experiences with anxiety and depression on YouTube’s intimate interview series Off Camera with Sam Jones. The thirty-five year old actress admits to battling with mental health issues ever since she was eighteen. Encouraged by her mother to speak openly about mental illness from a…

Can gaming help relieve mental health stigma?

Can Gaming Help Relieve Mental Health Stigma?

There is still a stigma surrounding mental health despite all the commercial campaigns to battle against it. Even though there are a number of resources available for people seeking help, there are still a lot of people who keep their mental health issues a secret. If you are currently struggling with your mental health and…