Kristen Bell Unapologetically Opens Up About Mental Health

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The Veronica Mars star, Kristen Bell, opens up about her personal experiences with
anxiety and depression on YouTube’s intimate interview series Off Camera with Sam
Jones. The thirty-five year old actress admits to battling with mental health issues
ever since she was eighteen. Encouraged by her mother to speak openly about
mental illness from a young age, Bell copes with her anxiety and depression with a
healthy, no shame attitude.

“She’s a nurse,” Bell says of her mother who has also experienced mental illness first
hand. “And when I was eighteen [she] said if you start to feel like you are twisting
things around you, and you start to feel like there is no sunlight around you and
you are paralyzed with fear, this is what it is and here is how you can help yourself.
I’ve always had a really open and honest dialogue about that, especially with my
mom, which I’m so grateful for because you have to be able to cope with it.”

The interview concludes with Bell’s thoughts on the stigmas so often associated
with mental health that requires critical rethinking. Working towards erasing these
stigmas is a process of maintaining an open, honest, and ongoing dialogue about
these medical concerns that Bell has certainly advocated for.

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