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5 Geeky Television Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

There are some tragedies people never fully recover from: the death of a loved one, a rough divorce, losing a job (provided it was one they actually liked), and the cancellation of their favorite TV show. People can become bitter, rage against the universe (or network) that brought them such misfortune, and complain about their loss for years. Fans that have had their wondrous diversions brutally severed mid-storyline do not understand the meaning of forgive and forget. In addition to writing angry emails (letters are so last century) and trying to start a Kickstarter campaigns, wronged fans need to honor the legacy of those they have lost. Here, to keep the happy memories alive, are five shows we have loved and were taken from us too soon.

Pushing Daisies

It’s safe to say there will never be another show like Pushing Daisies. Set in a colorful and weird universe similar but different to our own, Bryan Fuller’s cheerfully morbid creation delighted viewers with lovable characters, poetic and fast-paced dialog, and a whimsical atmosphere. Like most unique and quirky shows, Pushing Daisies had a tragically short run. Viewers were left heartbroken and unsatisfied when it was unceremoniously canceled in the middle of the second season.


Since the series’ cancellation after one season, Firefly has collected arguably the most devoted fans of any series ever. The passionate fanbase has maintained a persistent rage against FOX for an incredible twelve years after the swash-buckling space western’s untimely demise, and for good reason. Firefly was an incredible show that was unfortunate enough to suffer from the Whedon curse. Even though it died young, the series accomplished more in one season than most shows do in nine. It’s like the saying goes: it’s better to burn out than to fade away.


Dollhouse was another good show to suffer from the Whedon curse. While the series took a little time to find its voice, the development was intricate and the payoff was thrilling. A victim of poor marketing and misunderstandings over the nature of the show (people who had only seen the ads aired by FOX thought it was about a brothel), Dollhouse remains an underrated gem. Now go Netflix it pronto.

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars was the teen drama that made other teen dramas look like amateurs. It defied the clichés of a show set in high school, and presented us with an intelligent, witty, and charming female lead who immediately won the audience’s hearts. The show was praised by critics and loved by fans, which was why it’s cancellation after the third season was such a shock. Fans were angry for years, until Kickstarter came along and the Veronica Mars movie became a reality.


Wonderfalls is a seriously underrated show by Bryan Fuller, who is possibly the only guy with worse luck than Joss Whedon. His first three shows were cancelled before they could finish their second seasons, the fourth was a pilot that didn’t even get ordered to series, and his latest show, Hannibal, barely got renewed for a second season. Wonderfalls was too bizarre to survive, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fantastic. Watching someone be bossed around by toys was strangely entertaining. At the very least, the show made sure I will never view animal figurines the same way again.

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    You forgot Farscape, after season three it was renewed for both season four and five, a few days before season four was due to finish filming they were told that they wouldn’t be getting the promised season five. They had written the S4 cliffhanger on the belief that they were getting season five and had the first half of S5 planned out.

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