Xbox One “Titanfall Edition” Bundle With Game is Only $500 (Plus Release Day Shipping)

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With only 2 weeks remaining before the highly anticipated release of EA’s Titanfall, today Microsoft unveiled their latest Xbox One “Titanfall Edition” Console bundle. The new Xbox One combo releases the same day as the game, and while the bundle is little more than the console plus game, surprisingly it showed up for the exact same price as the Standard Edition console.

The Xbox One Titanfall Edition Console is $499.99 with free shipping at the Microsoft Store. Besides sharing the same price as the Standard Xbox One, there’s an additional $70 worth of merchandise included in the new bundle.

No need to pay for expensive rush shipping to get the game on Titanfall’s release date. If you pre-order from the Microsoft Store before March 8th at 12PM PST the console will be shipped on the March 11th.

Microsoft is definitely pushing digital downloads with this bundle. What might be surprising to some, is that the “Titanfall Edition” bundle does not include a physical game disc. All you’ll get is the digital code to plug in and download the game. Here’s what else the console bundle includes:

  • Digital download code for Titanfall (no physical disc)
  • Xbox One console and Kinect
  • Wireless Controller
  • Chat Headset
  • Xbox Live Gold membership 1 month