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‘Supergirl’ Gets Second Season and Moves to the CW

Your favourite DC Comics graphic novel turned hit TV show is coming to the CW to kick-off its second season this fall. Joining the ranks of other popular sci-fi à la ComiCon shows on the CW such as Supernatural, The Flash, Arrow, and The 100. Supergirl has passed all its exams and survived its awkward freshman year.


Along with the move from CBS to the CW, the show’s production team is moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver, B.C. Apparently they are undeterred by the planned slash to Vancouver’s film industry tax credit set to come into effect October 1. Though, putting backroom and public politics aside, on the Season 1 finale cliff-hanger of Supergirl (“Better Angels”), after saving the Earth, a pod lands with an unknown person – perhaps from Kara’s (played by Melissa Benoist) Kryptonian-world past, while she is celebrating her triumph with family and friends. Viewers do not see the face of the person, but Kara’s reaction is definitely not missed.

So, does this new arrival bode well for Kara in Season 2? Is this character friend or foe? Are they long-lost family? Will they put a wrench in the budding romance between Kara and James (played by Mehcad Brooks)? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see, unless you’ve got an idea because you’ve kept up with the graphic novels. In any case, folks keep it here on the Geek Insider for more Supergirl news developments.

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