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Mental Health Apps To Check Out

Mental health has emerged as an area ripe for disruption in the eyes of an investors in the tech industry. It is no wonder why, either. One can see various instances of mental health issues in multiple places, from high levels of athleticism, Phelps and Osaka, to politicians, businessmen, and celebrities talking about mental health issues.

They are not merely talking about the topic of mental health in a general manner. They are now talking about their individual struggles with mental health over the course of their careers.

But mental health issues do not necessarily attach to the popular, successful, and people in the media, and it affects a host of people. Using a mental health app can help support not only your own but your child’s mental well-being.

Statistically speaking, 1 out of every 5 US adults will experience a form of mental health problem. Studies have shown that only 50% of mentally ill adults can access systemized treatment. This leaves half of the mentally ill population in deep need of technological solutions that will meet their demands.

Mental health apps have emerged as a perfect solution for mentally ill populations who suffer the effects of understaffed hospital systems and the inability to access timely care. Here’s a list of a few buzzworthy mental health apps.

#1 MY3 

The MY3 app is designed to help mentally ill patients stay safe any time they experience suicidal thoughts. The app lets you develop a custom personal safety plan by listing your warning signs, coping strategies, and connections to helpful links any time the need arises. This free app and connected to direct Lifeline contacts. This is a helpful application as it allows individuals to put certain parameters in place to help them with these mental health issues.

This mental health application, combined with other services, connections, and help, can improve the lives of individuals across the board.

#2 7CUPS 

The 7CUPS app connects its mentally ill users to trained volunteers who offer free, confidential, and anonymous emotional support messages meant to help patients cope will any form of an acute stressor and long-term mental ailments. While it is free to talk to a counselor, you may be charged anything between $12.99 monthly or $399.99 for a permanent subscription to talk to licensed psychologists. 

The application can be quite helpful for those who merely need to obtain a bit of encouragement and support as they face different issues in their daily lives.

#3 notOK 

This is a free app meant for mentally ill teenagers. The app comes with a large button that helps you reach out to close people, friends, and support networks any time you need help. In addition, you may add trusted contacts that you’ll reach out to with the message “hey I’m not OK! Please call, text or come find me”. These simple aspects can surely help people when they are not in the best state of mind.


BoosterBuddy is a free mental health app that grants teenagers and young adults with mental ailments to improve their resilience. The app encourages its subscribers to take their medications and attend their appointments.  It serves as a buddy that can help individuals to stay in balance with the support that they already have from medical professionals.

#5 Mood Kit 

Mood Kit was founded on the elements of Cognitive behavioral Therapy to avail its users with mood improvement activities. Charged at $4.99, Mood Kit allows its subscribers to change their thinking and develop healthy attitudes.  More variations of applications like these that help to modify behaviors and mindsets could certainly prove to be quite advantageous.


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