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What is Pivot Bio?

Fertilizer is a critical part of the agricultural process. Recall that fertilizer enables plants to survive, thrive, and yield the right amount of produce on an annual basis. Without the right fertilizer, we will not see the right level of growth per season.

But the current iterations of fertilizer may not as efficient as we would like it to be. As more companies focus on sustainability from a profitability and an ESG standpoint, more are looking for improvements in each part of the agricultural process. It is no wonder that Bayer AG, the German multinational firm, is paying farmers to introduce more carbon efficient processes. Indeed, other firms are also conducting different initiatives to foster more sustainable processes. Whether the processes revolve around sustainable energy or fine tuning for other parts of the agricultural process, slight changes are taking place every year.

But every once in a while it is possible to see more above incremental leaps forward and Pivot Bio might present one of these leaps forward.

Pivot Bio has been distinguished as an agricultural tech firm whose operations aim to improve the microbiome by converting nitrogen from the air to a form usable by plants. Headquartered in Berkeley, California, United States, Pivot Bio seeks to transform fertilizer production and usage in agricultural settings.

The firm saw that nitrogen production and utilization in its current form were detrimental to the environment as it can effect water sources nearby or affect the atmosphere. The firm developed a different way to conduct these processes and enables farmers to replace a prior practice with a more efficient one.

What Does Pivot Bio Do? 

Pivot Bio deals in fertilizer making. However, its fertilizers are not manufactured directly. The biotech firm deals in modified microorganisms that produce nitrogen. Pivot Bio’s approach in manufacturing nitrogen-based fertilizers helps farmers save both time and money despite its nature as an environmentally friendly product.  

The company’s products have a strong research backing and a clear understanding of how microbes operate in nature before adapting to immense use of fertilizers. In addition, Pivot Bio considers how naturally occurring microbes work and how best they may be used to enhance productivity in the agricultural sector.

Pivot Bio uses fermentation to produce its microbes. In essence, the microbes are fed on sugars then allowed to grow until they reach a high enough concentration to be sold to farmers. Here, Pivot Bio adopts fermentation as a replacement of the conventional Haber-Bosch process used in the manufacture of synthetic nitrogenous fertilizers. Similarly, the fermentation process used by Pivot Bio is known to reduce potential greenhouse gas emissions by over 98%.  


How does Pivot Bio Work? 

Pivot Bio heavily relies on its team of experienced agronomists who recommend the necessary production pathways by relying on field data. In addition, the agronomists initiate multiple field trials in different geographical spaces to ensure that each of its clients gets a product that is suitable to the prevailing weather conditions. Apart from its robust field testing mechanisms, Pivot Bio boasts of its intensive stakeholder networks (farmers and agricultural institutions) to analyze millions of samples and offer the end consumers with proven products. 

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