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June movie preview: fire and shades for summer

June Movie Preview: Fire and Shades for Summer

Now this looks like a month of summer movies. We have sequels, remakes and reboots represented on the list. June movies take on comic books, sci fi, horror and everything in between. If franchise films aren’t your cup of tea, then maybe this isn’t your month. But count me in! Here’s our June movie preview….

June movie preview: welcome to jurassic june

June Movie Preview: Welcome to Jurassic June

We have had plenty of superhero movies as of late. But as we get into June movies, the closest we’ll get to Marvel or DC comics is Disney and Pixar’s latest, The Incredibles 2. We also get to return to the island (again!) on a dino rescue mission for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Here’s our…

June movie preview: summer of wonder

June Movie Preview: Summer of Wonder

Like every other month, May had hits and misses. But there was something rewarding about a shorter list of movies, all with potential to draw in fans and do well. June is back to the usual smorgasbord of good and bad. We still have a probable hit based on the first lady of DC Comics….

June movie preview: ‘out of the shadows’ and into the sequels

June Movie Preview: ‘Out of the Shadows’ and Into the Sequels

The big summer sequels keep on coming this month. But there is quite a variety among the titles that will dominate the box office. From pizza loving turtles to absent-minded fish to aliens seeking revenge on Jeff Goldblum. The movie stars are also out with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Matthew McConaughey, and Daniel Radcliffe among…

June movie preview: the park is open and so are cinemas

June Movie Preview: The Park is Open and so Are Cinemas

If you sat out the month of May at the movie theater, you missed a bunch of fun summer movies that delivered on their promises for action, comedy, and plenty of explosions. But it’s okay. Most of those titles are still out for you to enjoy. In the meantime, we have a whole new month…

June movie preview: comedies take center stage

June Movie Preview: Comedies Take Center Stage

May was a pretty great month for movies. “Iron Man 3” brought people to theaters in droves, “Star Trek: Into Darkness” provided us with the biggest spoiler of the year so far and “Fast and Furious 6” was really bad and amazing all at the same time. Well June isn’t quite as packed with anticipated…