July movie preview: our summer sense is tingling

July Movie Preview: Our Summer Sense is Tingling

So the usually consistent performance of films based on Marvel Comics didn’t come through last month with Dark Phoenix. Don’t expect that same disappointment amongst the July movies when Spider-Man: Far from Home swings onto screens. The world needs to know how Peter Parker can sit through math class after floating around space as dust…

July movie preview: a large bag of popcorn… topped with cheese

July Movie Preview: A Large Bag of Popcorn… Topped with Cheese

Summer movies are meant to be big. They’re meant to be epic. And yes, if we’re being honest, we expect some of them to be cheesy. Well the July movie lineup has plenty of options to choose from. There are the highly anticipated movies like Ant-Man and the Wasp. There’s the family fun with Hotel…

July movie preview: sun, sand and spider-man!

July Movie Preview: Sun, Sand and Spider-Man!

When I think about July movies, I think back to some of the biggest releases ever. The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 immediately come to mind. These movies had the hype that drove crowds to midnight releases and multiple viewings. I don’t quite think July 2017 has such titles….

July movie preview: ‘beyond’ too many movies

July Movie Preview: ‘Beyond’ Too Many Movies

In my mind, the July movie schedule is usually the time when some of the biggest releases of all time reach audiences. I’m thinking of the final Harry Potter film or The Dark Knight. But this year the studios don’t have anything like that. Instead there are 14 wide release movies, which is way too…

July movie preview: sequels making fireworks

July Movie Preview: Sequels Making Fireworks

If you happen to have any money left after seeing Jurassic World over and over in June, there is a solid slate of July movies to add to your summer checklist. I doubt any of them will come close to the Indominus Rex sized haul of Jurassic, but we have sequels a plenty. So go…