Geeks rejoice: dc to publish dungeons & dragons sourcebook

Geeks Rejoice: DC to Publish Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook

Get ready Dungeons and Dragons fans, DC Comics announced the forthcoming The Last God: Tales from The Book of Ages. This 40-page sourcebook has cover art by Kai Carpenter, internal art by renowned series artist Riccardo Federici, is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, and will be on store shelves just about 3 months from now….

Questing has never been easier – thanks to april’s loot crate

Questing Has Never Been Easier – Thanks to April’s Loot Crate

Whether you’re in the Forgotten Realms, a wizard boarding school, a labyrinth, or on the high seas, it’s always important to be prepared for your… Quest! This month’s LC issue was chock full of tips on getting yourself out of a quest (although who is LC kidding? Everyone loves quests!) and fun news about the…

“neverwinter” senior content designer talks game lore, d&d tie-ins

“Neverwinter” Senior Content Designer Talks Game Lore, D&D Tie-Ins

The experience of playing Dungeons & Dragons is a unique one, in no small part due to the sheer volume of fictional history, culture, and lore its players can access. While the game is designed to let each group of players invent their own story, some official settings still fill gamers with awe and inspiration: Baldur’s Gate,…

An overview of d&d next (part 2)

An Overview of D&D Next (Part 2)

Having covered the circumstances and guiding principles behind D&D Next in the previous installment, Part 2 examines the changes and improvements in the new rules. ‘Next’: The future of Wizards of the Coast? How well do the latest revised rules for D&D Next compare to earlier editions? While a full examination of D&D Next’s new…