Corona virus vaccine produced in canada

Corona Virus Vaccine Produced in Canada

The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac) at the University of Saskatchewan has created a vaccine against the Coronavirus. Here are some details

How to stay sane during coronavirus lockdown

How to Stay Sane During Coronavirus Lockdown

Different Times in Coronavirus Lockdown Most of us spend our time indoors. We do this because we work and live indoors. But before coronavirus we had the option of moving around and going to different events and places. There was no psychological barrier and bio emergency situation as we have it today. The coronavirus may…

Social distancing until april 30th

Social Distancing Until April 30th

The Quarantined Life As of the time of this writing, the United states has officially extended the social distance rule to April 30th. But who is surprised? Not me, and certainly not the general population. Remember that the United States recently instituted social distancing and other countries instituted lockdown and variations of shutdowns just last…

How to prevent coronavirus

How To Prevent Coronavirus

“COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate. It has no religious, ideological, racial bias. It does have one common enemy, us, and it is up to us to come together and meet it with all the considerable force of human compassion and ingenuity”—Andrew McLuhan There are differing views on the coronavirus, and some are preparing like it is doomsday…

Coronavirus fears rage on in march

Coronavirus Fears Rage on in March

Coronavirus has infected the general psyche of the decision-makers of society. The stock market fell further from March 8, 2020, to March 13, 2020. The Federal Reserve, in coordination with other central banks, injected stimulus into the global financial system and just cut interest rates to zero. A few of these financial measures taken by…

Musk calls the mass panic for coronavirus ‘dumb’ in latest tweet

Musk Calls the Mass Panic for Coronavirus ‘Dumb’ in Latest Tweet

The world is struggling through the impact of the global Coronavirus outbreak that has engulfed the entire world. Well, engulfed the world as whole, is a bit much. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is present in different pockets of the world with higher concentration in China, South Korea, Iran, and other troubled regions. Coronavirus Fears and…

Nintendo stops production due to coronavirus

Nintendo Stops Production Due to Coronavirus

People love the Nintendo Switch. But the Coronavirus is one of the most significant bosses that gamers and the general population will have to deal with this year. The virus is slowing down economic activity and spoiling good times everywhere, including Nintendo Switch production. Let’s find out more. Coronavirus is still a problem The recent…

Facebook takes a stand on coronavirus

Facebook Takes a Stand on Coronavirus

Facebook Doesn’t Want Misinformation with the CoronaVirus Facebook has to deal with coronavirus misinformation now.  The social media giant seems like it will always have a problem with misinformation in some form or fashion. That’s an issue because it becomes a recurring point of pain for the platform and the user base. Facebook stepped into…