Social Distancing Until April 30th

Social distancing

The Quarantined Life

As of the time of this writing, the United states has officially extended the social distance rule to April 30th. But who is surprised? Not me, and certainly not the general population. Remember that the United States recently instituted social distancing and other countries instituted lockdown and variations of shutdowns just last week. The United Kingdom might even go into hibernation for about six months.

The President of the United States stated in a recent COVID-19 briefing that the social distancing will stay in effect until the end of April. He states ” we will be extending our guidelines to April 30 to slow the spread.” He further notes ” on Tuesday, we will be finalizing these plans and providing a summary of our findings, supporting data and strategy to the American people.”

USA Leads in Coronavirus Cases

The United States has quickly overtaken China, Italy, Spain, and South Korea in COVID-19 cases. While mortality remains low compared to Italy, Spain, and other countries. There’s over 140,000 cases at the present moment with different states implementing different forms of quarantine rules. At the current moment, there’s more than 2,800 deaths in the United States.

Trump’s administration implemented social distancing advisory earlier this month to slow the spread of this disease. It would initially be for a little over two weeks before the new extension issued recently. The current administration projects that the country may be in better shape June 1st.

But we will have to take baby steps day by day and this means more time online.

Remote Work and E-sports

Companies like Zoom and games like Animal Farm are seeing significant growth amidst this lock down situation. It makes sense, more people have free time to focus on games, school, and other online activities. Artists like Marshmello and others have already joined this trend to the digital space by organizing concerts online and taking the time to release new projects. One recent event, the League of Legends Championship Series drew in thousands of people and was sponsored . More than 7 million players participate in the game regularly.

The League of Legends of Championship Series is one of the most top tier events catered to the best of the best. These events draw sponsors like State Farm and others. These remote events already have a built in audience as people log in daily and play the game.

More people are likely to flock to these events, online software tools and gaming applications to continue their work and gaming lives. It may be even more so as hard hit states such as those in New York, New Jersey, and nearby states like Connecticut have been advised to stop interstate travel.

They will institute the practice for two weeks.

Further states affected by the travel policy include California, Louisiana, Miami, Chicago, Texas, Washington, Detroit and Atlanta. In such a time of minimal movement, it is likely that we’ll see a significant rise in online activity.

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