Meet the Stars of The Underpresence paranormal show | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

The underpresence is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

What is The Underpresence? Well, they are paranormal investigators who use the latest technology and spiritual mediums who connect with the other side. The investigations are very real and they’re coming to Geek Out Virtual Con on Saturday, April 11.

There’s something there, but you can’t see it. You sense something out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look, it’s gone. It’s a noise. A flash. A touch. A sudden change in temperature. A word. A dream. A feeling. The only thing certain in our world is how much we don’t know.

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More About The Underpresence

Our Lady Geek Meredith happened to be at Space Coast Comic Con 2020 when The Underpresence team caught some very interesting and compelling things on video.

Let’s introduce you to the stars of the show:

Chuck Fresh – Producer, Writer, Director, and more, Chuck has his finger in all areas of entertainment. He also portrays Father Jesús.
Jake Estrada – Creator of BOCAS, the graphic novel which was made into a film, Jake portrays Victor Pruna, the ex-priest and spirit hunter.
Steve Kurtzke – Steve has got all the cool spirit hunting toys; from dowser rods to high tech gear, his ghost hunting gear literally captures some crazy moments.

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