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What’s coming to and leaving from netflix october 2018

What’s Coming To and Leaving From Netflix October 2018

Proceed with caution, and do not leave without a costume. Be weary of razor blades and LSD-laced candy. Expect a trick, and you’ll be lucky if you get a treat. This is Halloween.  For this month’s entry, the crew at Geek Insider is focusing on all the spooky flicks and supernatural shows to keep you…

Pow! Top superhero fights in film

Pow! Top Superhero Fights in Film

Some will argue that the action genre is a fading art with every studio milking the comic book cash cow. Back in your mother’s day, one liner action gurus, like Stallone and Norris, brought sweaty chest hair to justice on the big screen year round. A great action movie these days, much to Jason Statham’s…