‘blade runner 2049’ is having major box office problems

‘Blade Runner 2049’ Is Having Major Box Office Problems

Blade Runner 2049 premiered October 6 and reviews for the sequel have been mostly positive, but the box office is not quite reflecting those positive reviews. The film takes place 35 years after the original, with a new lead. The Atlantic sums up what the original is about: “Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), the cop who…

October movie preview: the cinematic graveyard

October Movie Preview: The Cinematic Graveyard

With all the horror and creepiness from last month’s movie releases, there aren’t nearly as many October movies fit for the build-up to Halloween. Or maybe everyone got thoroughly creeped out with It and now they’re looking for something less murder-y. Well there are plenty of releases to choose from. Here’s our October movie preview….