The batman: first look at pattinson suited up

The Batman: First Look at Pattinson Suited Up

Yesterday, The Batman director Matt Reeves posted a camera test of Robert Pattinson in the cape and cowl and while it remains to be seen what he and the suit will look like in action, the little teaser did its job. Sporting a new chest emblem and completely sans Bat-nipples, the latest to take on the…

What’s coming to and leaving from netflix december 2018

What’s Coming To and Leaving From Netflix December 2018

In this day and age, dreaming of a white Christmas seems kinda problematic. This year let’s keep it digital. That’s right, let’s all dream of a Netflix Christmas. For the upcoming December 2018 lineup, a veritable buffet of wonderful content is provided. Below we outline what to watch, and what to see before it’s gone….

Benedict Cumberbatch to Voice Shere Khan in ‘The Jungle Book: Origins’

Benedict Cumberbatch has already won our hearts with his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, and now he will be taking on a role in yet another classic, much-loved story, The Jungle Book. Cumberbatch proved his ability to play a villain in Stark Trek: Into Darkness, and now he will fittingly be playing another notorious villain called…

Motion capture: the genius of andy serkis

Motion Capture: The Genius of Andy Serkis

My mother has never had much interest in science fiction and fantasy stories. I definitely inherited my love for all things strange or magical from my dad, but long ago Mom introduced me to something I never thought could be found in her collection. The Planet of the Apes series. The idea of people costumed…