Swivl: A Remote-Controlled Dolly for Your iPhone

Swivl dolly for iphone

There are many great gadgets out there to enhance you’re the video capabilities of your iPhone: external microphones, clip-on lenses, tripods, and countless editing software and apps. Really the only thing you are missing is a camera dolly, which comes in handy for getting moving shots with steady aim and a precise angle. Better yet, how about one that you can control remotely?

Swivl Personal Cameraman

Just like the title says, the Swivl is your personal cameraman that will capture anything with a steady shot at your commands. Attach your camera onto the base, start up your preferred video or photo app and tell the Swivl what to do from there. With the included remote, you can control it to rotate a full 360 degrees, point up at 20 degrees or down 10 degrees. All of this can be done from up to 33 feet away.

The real benefit goes to iPhone users, as they have access to the Swivl app. This allows you to use the remote as a tracker, making the camera follow your every move. The remote can also be used as a microphone for either enhanced sound or voice recording during the video. The app also gives you the following perks: a display of battery life for the remote and base, auto-exposure and auto-focus control, ability to start and stop recording and tracking speed control. However, if it is only the movement ability that you are looking for, the Swivl can fit most Androids and other cameras under six ounces.

The Swivl base runs on two AA batteries, which will give you up to four hours of action. The remote will work for up to 10 hours with two AAA batteries. Along with the base and remote, you will also get a tripod mount, batteries for both devices, a micro-USB cable and a lanyard that can be used to carry the remote/microphone around your neck.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb_aDl7tvW0&w=560&h=315]