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Interact with your Cat from Anywhere with Kittyo

There are range of vet products and supplies that help keep your cat independent and allow you to go on vacations to your own leisure. With the help of automatic feeders and self-cleaning litter boxes, you don’t have to do anything and your cat is living the high life. But there is one thing that is missing from this: interaction. Sure, your cat will be able to survive while you are away, but they might get lonely or bored. Admit it, you know you miss the little guy too. There must be a robot capable of filling this void.


Kittyo is a device that gives your cat the ultimate form of feline entertainment: chasing small things that pose no danger. It is equipped with a small laser that points and moves in random directions, keeping your cat entertained for hours. It also has a treat dispenser built in, because they eventually need some kind of reward for protecting the house from the dangerous red light.

The Kittyo app is the really cool part, however. It allows you to remotely view through the device’s built-in camera. Even better, you not only can see your cat play with the laser, but you can also control it. Just swipe your finger in any direction on your screen and the laser will move to that direction. This footage can be recorded and shared at any time. You can also speak to your cat and dispense the treats through the app.

Like many new products, Kittyo began on It started its funding on April 21st, with a goal of $30,000 in 32 days. That goal was reached in the first hour, however. In fact, they tripled it in the first 24 hours. The Kittyo is expected to be available for purchase in November 2014. The retail price is around $190, but there are still pledges left to get one cheaper and have it shipped by the release date.