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Switching to Amazon Web Services? Here’s How to Use Different Data Migration Tools

With robust infrastructure, optimal security, and next-generation features, Amazon Web Services (AWS) stands front and center of cloud computing solutions. 


Due to its overall capabilities, AWS now also holds the distinction of being utilized by some of the most popular corporations in the world. From Netflix to Facebook, these brands allow you to see how AWS’ solutions play out in the real world under the right IT firm and processes.


If these observations and your own requirements have encouraged you to use AWS, you may be looking for AWS data migration solutions that help you transition to this more popular platform. 


Fortunately, there are various ways for you to migrate your existing data to AWS. To help you through the most ideal methodologies for specific needs, here’s how you can set up shop in the cloud.


Moving On-Premises Data Using an IT Firm

If you are trying to do away with on-premises storage like many other firms, the process may seem daunting at best. But with the help of the right IT firm, you can conduct this extensive task with minimal issues. 


IT teams that specialize in cloud migration not only upload your on-premises data to the cloud, but also ensure that it maintains all associated workflows. This ensures that the migration does not affect your ongoing activities and even supports them afterwards without any disruption. 


When your internal IT staff works with these specialists, you can rest assured knowing that your core services will continue to run without any issues during and after the migration. This ensures peace of mind and helps you to get the most out of your switch to AWS without fearing a drop in your quality of service.


Utilizing a Hybrid Cloud with AWS

If your data is already spread across on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud environments, it would seem even more complex to bring it together with AWS. Once again, seeking the help of the right IT firm ensures that you can pull it off without excessive hassles. 


In today’s day and age, using hybrid cloud to execute critical tasks is more popular than you might think. Depending upon their business model, many organizations use these environments to streamline client access to their services and extend employee dependability on their solutions. 


With an experienced IT team, you can easily migrate your data from your existing public or private cloud to AWS. This ensures that you can maintain the same solutions with the added support of AWS’ capabilities.


Migrating Existing Workloads to AWS

In case your data migration requirements pertain to certain applications within your organization, you will need to transfer complete workloads from your existing environment to AWS. 


Fortunately, AWS and its associated tools make this process easier as well. Through its CloudEndure Migration service, the platform makes sure that you can replicate your applications in a seamless way. The solution uses a staging area to put everything together before your switch, so you or your clients don’t face any problems with the new home of your applications.


This allows you to not just migrate data but do so in a way that maintains the entirety of your associated applications. While an internal IT team can take care of the task, you can reach out to a specialized IT firm for additional support. 


By keeping these points in mind, you can effectively make your switch to AWS without affecting your existing operations. With the help of the right professionals, you can make the process as seamless as possible.

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