Ydray: An Emerging Yet Robust File Sharing Solution

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Based out of Europe, Ydray is a file transfer service that allows you to share large files of up to 10 GB each. The easy-to-use solution allows you to directly share these files with designated recipients all over the world, eliminating the need for more complicated programs. 

Unlike other file sharing services, Ydray gives you the ability to share files of up to 10 GB absolutely free of cost. This gives Ydray a massive advantage over solutions such as WeTransfer, which only offer file sharing of up to 2 GB in its free plan.


The Free Plan Is the Crown Jewel of Ydray’s Services

In order to offer extensive flexibility, Ydray offers multiple plans for you to share your important files. 


This also includes the free service mentioned above that doesn’t require any subscription fees. You can simply accept the terms and conditions, and upload your files from the Ydray website right away. While the uploaded files expire within a week, this makes it a quick and painless solution that comes without any costs. 


If you do sign up with the platform for its free plan, you are also able to password-protect your files and set an expiration date to them. This once again gives you an edge over WeTransfer, which doesn’t offer the same solution for free. While this brings down your shared file size to 5 GB each, the added features do make up for it.


Ydray Offers the Utmost Privacy to Its Users

Despite being an emerging solution in the North American market, Ydray holds a massive presence in Europe. It is a leading file sharing platform in Spanish speaking countries, especially those where privacy holds the utmost importance. 


Ydray adheres to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the most stringent privacy protection law in the world. It also complies with other relevant regulations, such as the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data. 


To further add to the solution’s privacy protection, its servers are physically located in Spain and France. As a result, they never fall into the gray area of being operated out of Europe or falling out of its data protection regulations. This allows you to trust Ydray with your files without a second thought.


Ydray Provides You With Flexible Pricing Plans 

Apart from the free plan, Ydray also offers multiple pricing plans for power users that need extensive file sharing capabilities at their fingertips. These subscriptions come in the form of a Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise plan. 

Starting from 3.60 EUR and going up to 16.30 EUR, the plans come with various advantages. For instance, both the Professional and Enterprise plan offer a file size limit of up to 10 GB. Whereas, the Enterprise plan also boasts of a storage capacity of up to 128 GB. 

If you need even more out of Ydray, the solution allows you to sign up for a customized plan. This allows you to tailor your file sharing solutions according to your specific needs.

With optimal privacy, robust technology, and ideal features, Ydray is worth a try whether you want to share your files personally or professionally.

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