Jessie nickson-lopez writing script for pulse, new crime thriller film

‘Stranger Things’ Writer & Producer Working on a Sci-Fi Crime Film Called ‘Pulse’

Jessie Nickson-Lopez, writer of the Netflix hit Stranger Things has pitched turning best-selling author Michael Harvey’s upcoming novel Pulse into a feature film. It’s been picked up by Shawn Levy’s production company 21 Laps. Nickson-Lopez, who is currently also writing for Narcos, is working on penning the script.

Michael Harvey has written seven crime novels and he produced A&E’s Cold Case Files. According to Michael Harvey’s website he’s “thrilled to announce that 21 Laps, producer of Academy Award nominee ARRIVAL and Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS, has picked up the film rights to my next novel, PULSE.”

Here’s the plot summary for Pulse:

“Pulse” is a grounded take on the superhero origin and coming-of-age story that bridges crime with science fiction. The story follows a teenager investigating the murder of his older brother alongside the police. During this period, and with the help of a mysterious mentor, the young man begins developing a unique ability that helps him uncover the truth and protect himself along the way.

The plot of Pulse seems promising and the Jessie Nickson-Lopez/Shawn Levy team-up can’t go wrong. I honestly look forward to seeing anything Jessie Nickson-Lopez is associated with. Season 2 of Stranger Things will be returning to Netflix in October and it can’t get here soon enough. Here’s the trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 in case you haven’t seen it yet.

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