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These Star Wars Gadgets From ThinkGeek Make Breakfast Awesome

by Amanda Straight

ThinkGeek is a master of finding ways to put a touch of geek into everyday items. Not just your typical nerdy tees and figurines, but functional items all throughout the household. With these Star Wars kitchen gadgets, you’ll feel like you’re making breakfast in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

Coffee is the only motivation to get out of bed for many of us. Coffee dispensed from R2-D2 will make your morning experience all the better. Lucky for you, ThinkGeek has created a coffee press in the form of the adorable beep-booping droid we know and love.

R2’s body contains a glass carafe and his removable head holds the all-metal plunger/filter assembly.

Using the R2-D2 coffee press is breeze. Simply put coffee grounds of your choosing into the carafe and pour boiling water over it. Then stir the mixture and let it brew a few minutes before attaching R2’s head and pushing down the plunger.

My cup of coffee was perfect with not a ground in it. (That’s more than I can say for my Keurig…) The carafe holds 32 oz of coffee so you can impress a few friends by pouring them a cup. Somehow, coffee from R2-D2 just tastes better.

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

The Death Star waffle maker from ThinkGeek balances out your R2-D2 coffee by bringing the dark side to the breakfast table. This bad boy produces 7-inch waffles that have the Death Star imprinted on both sides.

Even though this waffle iron produces an image of a super high-tech, planet-killing laser beam, it’s pretty simple to use. If you’ve ever used a waffle maker, using this one won’t come as a shock and there’s a manual to guide you. After plugging it in, there’s a handy pre-heat light that turns off when it’s time to pour the batter.

Close the lid, and watch the heavenly waffle aroma attract all life-forms to the kitchen. I didn’t have any humans around when I tried my waffle maker out, but the fur-babies were ready and waiting.

The instructions recommend 4-5 minutes of cook time. I enjoy crispier waffles and cooked some a little longer. I also found that the Death Star design popped a little more with a darker waffle, though they all turned out pretty impressive.

Once you’re done marveling your Death Star Waffle, you’ll have the great pleasure of smothering it with toppings and taking a big bite out of it. Luke Skywalker’s destruction of the Death Star wasn’t nearly this delicious.

You can order the R2-D2 coffee press and the Death Star waffle maker for $40 each on ThinkGeek, today!

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