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Social Acronym Cheat Sheet

If you want to communicate effectively or create social media content, you must master the common social slang and acronym. Acronym mastery will play a significant role in understanding your audience better and communicating in their language. Notably, some of these acronyms find their way into business meetings and sales or marketing reports. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand and apply these social acronyms to perfect your Job and social media. The detailed list below has common acronyms to keep you updated on the latest lingo.

Network-Specific Acronyms for Social Media 

These types of abbreviations refer to social media networks. It’s crucial to know them inside out before getting deeper into acronyms for features and actions. As says, it’s crucial to know them inside out before getting deeper into acronyms for features and actions.

YT – YouTube

FB– Facebook

LI– LinkedIn


IG– Instagram

Most of the abbreviations above will rarely appear in your writing but can be crucial when you want to direct customers to a specific social media platform. Besides, you need to quickly understand what your prospective customer means when they tell you to “check FB.” 

Acronyms for Social Media Actions

Other than the abbreviations for social media platforms, there are acronyms for features on these sites. Learning these acronyms on different platforms will come in handy when chatting with followers and team members. 

RT– You will see companies or celebrities requesting their followers to Retweet (RT) a post. To retweet means to share someone’s tweet on your own feed. This helps spread information faster and provide more visibility and shares for the original tweeter. 

DM– Direct Message (DM) is mainly used on Instagram or Twitter to refer to messages visible only between the sender and the recipient. In addition to being direct, DMs cannot be displayed for the public and appear as a notification on the recipient’s device requiring them to open inbox to read.

PM– Like the DMs, a Private Message (PM) is another term for people’s private conversations on social media platforms.

MT– a modified tweet (MT) is simply an edited tweet. Typically, tweets are modified to remove unwanted information or shorten the text to fit.

Social Media Businesses Acronyms

As the name suggests, most of the acronyms under this category apply in business communication and marketing meetings. Learning the common acronyms for your specific business enhances confidence, communication, and relevance. 

CMS-Content management system (CMS) is a tool you use to schedule, publish or edit any written material for social media.

B2B– Business to Business (B2B) companies have other businesses as their clients. 

CTA– A call to action (CTA) is a statement to encourage the audience to take a specific action. 

ROI– The return on investment (ROI) measures the relationship between your invested money and total earnings. 

B2C– Business to consumer (B2C) companies sell their services and products directly to consumers. 

Conversational Acronyms

These are the more casual, and less business-related acronyms that you’re likely to come across more frequently on social media. For that reason, most of these acronyms have become common hashtags that influence business communication and visibility in the online world.  

AMA– This acronym stands for “ask me anything” and is commonly used by regular users, industry experts, and celebrities to invite inquiries. 

FOMO- Fear of mission out (FOMO) occurs when the audience develops an enormous desire to remain aware of what’s trending. FOMO is applied to business marketing where service providers and manufacturers reveal limited deals and exclusive products.

BTW– By the way

HBD-Happy Birthday

SMH– Shaking my head due to disappointment or shock.

AFAIK– As far as I know

FYI– For your information


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