Salt lake comic con 2016, panel with catrine mcgregor

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Panel: Producer Catrine McGregor on Filmmaking

Salt lake comic con 2016, panel with catrine mcgregor

The Salt Lake Comic Con had a wide variety of panels for all sorts of creative endeavors, from writing to cosplay. I had the opportunity to sit in on producer and casting director Catrine McGregor’s panel on filmmaking. She discussed the beginning processes of getting a film together and gave key information and insight from her own experiences from working over thirty years in show business.

One of the very first things Catrine mentioned was her philosophy about filmmaking, which she added was her philosophy in life in general. One word: respect.

“Respect for the project, for the investors, for your cast and crew, for your talent and locations…Thank your cast and crew at the end of the day.”

Respect who works for you and everyone you work with. If you show respect, you will build good relationships and everyone will do their best and feel appreciated.

It’s also important to make friends in the business, for the sake of good relationships as well as networking. “This entire business is about networking,” McGregor said. She also added to “Always hire people at the top of their game.” Don’t be threatened if someone has more experience than you–that just means they know how to do their job.

McGregor Answers Questions About Film Creation:

Q: How do you find investors?
A: No two funding stories are the same.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Stay away from a production company or studio for funding because once you go to them, they will want creative freedom.
  • Do a film budget. “It’s so important.” You cannot shortchange your investors for less than what you need for your movie.
  • Get talent and people who can bring name values (important for investors).
  • Find films that are marketable and that you’re passionate about.
  • Get budgeting before casting if possible
  • Director has the creative bottom line and the producer has the financial bottom line

Q: What do you do after the film is produced?
A: It’s extremely important that you get an entertainment attorney on board. To get distribution, things need to be smooth on a legal standpoint. You have to be diligent and have the release forms for location, people walking in the background, etc.

Catrine McGregor has experience working on a wide range of projects and is highly respected in her field. Her panel was very informative and inspiring. Thank you for giving us great insight into filmmaking, Catrine! We look forward to following your latest projects.

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