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Before a month ago, I’d personally never heard of Dr. Squatch but a couple of the other guys around here not only knew of it, Rhett is a faithful customer and uses various Squatch products daily. They sell products that sound a lot more manly than “Powder Fresh” and since they’re made from all-natural ingredients, they don’t look and smell like an offspring of ‘The Blob.’

To be honest, I get a good deal of free swag for review consideration but few of them actually make it to our pages. That being said, while I’ve reviewed a waterproof shaver for men, at first I didn’t really see a “Geek” connection with Dr. Squatch and have to say that even though they were offering free product for review, I was initially nonchalant.

But then they said two things that almost every Geek adores – “Star Wars” and “The Batman.

Okay, NOW you’ve got my attention!

That’s right, not only does Dr. Squatch “make men feel like men and smell like champions,” they have the Geek market covered too. I’ll discuss that more in a minute but first I want to discuss some of the other stuff they sent me because I have to say, I’m impressed!

The Unboxing

Sure, opening up a box of bathroom products isn’t exactly an exciting experience but as soon as that first cardboard flap was lifted, I knew there was something good inside. Why? Because my nose was instantly met with a mixture of fragrances that I’ve NEVER smelled on the personal care aisle.

Sage, cypress, and a hint of sandalwood wafted from the box and enveloped me. I had shampoo, conditioner, beard oil, deodorant, and three different soaps and I have to say, all of them smell absolutely fantastic.

Dr. Squatch Soaps

While they have over a dozen different bar soaps available, I received three of their best sellers — Grapefruit IPA, Bay Rum, and Alpine Sage. The IPA has actual beer in it and, as the name implies, it has a light grapefruit scent that I really like a lot. The Alpine Sage has a nice, clean smell but it’s the Bay Rum that I personally like a lot. 

The spicy aroma was great in the packaging but that was nothing compared to how good it smelled once I pulled it out. The 3” X 3” bar is about an inch thick with a waxy feel and I have to say, at first I was skeptical on how well this was going to work. 

However, that was short-lived trepidation because as soon as I started using it, I was impressed with how well it lathered up but most of all, how good it smelled. It literally filled the entire bathroom and in fact, it’s (usually) the first thing you smell when you walk in my bathroom no matter what time of day or night. It kind of doubles as a room deodorizer as well, LOL. Not only does it smell great and lather up rather nicely, it didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or dry, which is actually rare for me. 

It also looks like these bars have a nice “shelf life” and will last for a good while and since I cut a chunk off the Alpine Save and Grapefruit IPA so I could try them out as well, it looks like I’m going to have three different soaps in the shower for the foreseeable future.

And that’s a good thing.

Two Other Great Products

I mentioned that I really like the Bay Rum soap and I was glad to see that they sent me that same scent of deodorant. Not only does it smell as good as the soap, it also works GREAT. I used it right out of the shower and it didn’t leave any chalky residue or little white balls of crud and it lasted overnight and throughout the next day. Best of all, it’s made with all-natural ingredients and is aluminum-free.

Next, I recently trimmed the long Gandalf beard I had sported for years but I plan on growing it back and as such, I do use beard conditioner, However, I’ve never tried an oil product so while I don’t have anything to compare it to, I can definitely say that Dr. Squatch’s Sandalwood Bourbon not only smells great, it feels excellent as well. My beard feels conditioned but not oily, it didn’t leave me feeling like I needed to wash my hands, and it actually leaves it feeling fresh and almost minty.

My Favorite Dr. Squatch Products

While I like the soaps, deodorant, and beard oil, it’s the hair care products that I really love. The Cypress Coast shampoo requires just a small dollop and lathers up really well and just as the soaps do, it fills the room with its crisp, though not overbearing, aroma. The featured ingredients are oat protein, jojoba oil, and honey and while I would have never thought of that combination, it’s definitely a winner.

However, out of all the products I’ve been checking out, it’s their Cool Citrus natural conditioner that I like the most. It’s sulfate and paraben-free and not only fills the room with its aroma, it actually smells better than it does in the bottle. I love the way it makes my hair feel so much that I use it on my beard and then after my shower, use the oil mentioned above.

It has some menthol in it, which gives a nice yet not overpowering “tingle” that leaves your scalp feeling fresh, but the shea butter and avocado oil really leave your hair feeling nice and soft. I guess it’s the smell and menthol that make it my favorite but I can honestly say, I’m impressed with all the products and if nothing else, they gained at least one new customer.

Now, The Geeky Stuff

First off, these products are fully licensed and come with the same all-natural ingredients that their other products do. However, they have unique scents and names and are well, just plain cool.

Dr. Squatch Soap – Star Wars™ Collection features four uniquely crafted bar soaps inspired by your favorite Star WarsTM legends. There’s the Light Side with Yoda’s ‘Wisdom Wash’ and Obi Wan’s ‘Only Hope Soap’ while on the Dark Side you have Vader’s ‘Dark Side Scrub’ and Darth Maul’s ‘Ruthless Rinse’ and you can even get them in special edition Collector’s Box.

Our regular readers are likely aware that I’m a huge Batman fan. I have three different Batman-themed tattoos and enough collectibles to fill a house and like most of us, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the new ‘The Batman’ movie. So, I was excited when Dr. Squatch revealed that they have a fully licensed ‘The Batman” collection and I have to say, I’m impressed.

‘The Batman Bricc” has a medium grit and a warm, leathery scent with ingredients like Life-of-Man for conditioning, calming Chase-Devil, and exfoliating Bamboo Powder and the bar soap is a really cool, and appropriate, swirl of black and gray. 

Then, there’s green ‘The Riddler™ Enigma’ bricc with a mysterious scent that only you can uncover. While it has a complex blend of skin-conditioning Goldenrod, calming Devil’s Plaything, and aromatic Felon Herb, you’ll need to solve the riddle on the package to find the password and unlock the true scent of The Riddler™ Enigma.

Wow! I had absolutely no intention of making this review this long but I guess it stands to reason because I really do like the products. ‘The Batman’ and ‘Star Wars’ collections are excellent of course but it’s Dr. Squatch’s actual products that have won me over.

Being made from all-natural ingredients is a huge plus in my book but they’ve made products that actually smell and work great too. I’ve used a wide variety of body washes and shampoos for men over the years and the vast majority of them had an overwhelming scent of perfume and contained chemicals that I’d never even heard of. Even “natural” products that I’ve tried didn’t work as well as the ones from Dr. Squatch. If at all.

In other words, my fellow male Geeks out there, if you want products that leave you looking and smelling great, you should definitely try Dr. Squatch.


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