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Windows 11 Will Finally Make Handling Bluetooth Devices Easy

Windows 11 lets you add or remove Bluetooth devices, but the process requires a few hoops. Now Microsoft seems to acknowledge users’ struggles and plans to release an update to enhance Bluetooth functionality on your Windows 11 computer. 

Bluetooth Devices on Windows 11

Currently, accessing Bluetooth settings is a bit of a hassle, given that the available panel is a bit restrictive. Although it is in the Quick Settings panel, you can only switch it on and off. If you want to perform other functions, you must dive into the Settings panel. 

However, the table is about to turn as Microsoft is expected to make the process faster in its latest OS. The new feature will enable you to add and remove devices in the Bluetooth Quick Settings. 

Moreover, the connected devices will use the new interface to report their battery levels. This way, you’ll see the amount of juice left for your headphones without having to go back to the Settings panel. 

Users have to find the hidden Settings to check out connected Bluetooth on Windows. Therefore, it’s good news that Microsoft is addressing the issue and creating a better user experience when managing Bluetooth devices. We only hope the feature works smoothly once it rolls out to users on the main branch.

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