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Why Renting Your Clothes Could Be the Future of Shopping

Often, after wearing that gorgeous dress you bought for a wedding, you find yourself giving it away or burying it deep in your closet only to forget about it. What’s the point of buying quality clothing if you’re only going to wear it once? If you’re a person that likes to shop, you shouldn’t feel guilty putting money down for a cute outfit. But it’s hard not to feeling for guilty purchasing something you know you’ll only wear a few times during the season or even just once.

Problem Solved: Renting Your Clothes

Recently there has been a refreshing and innovative idea that’s been adopted by many people: Renting your clothes. Some of you may have already come across this idea during prom dress shopping while you’re trying to check new styles. It’s more than just dresses now. More stores have given customers the ability to not just rent out dresses but other clothing articles and accessories, like bags and shoes, as well. Lets not forget Jennifer Hudson’s Louis Vuitton Bag in Sex and the City. In the end, Carrie did end up buying her stylish assistant her very own Louis Vuitton, but if we’re on a budget why not try the rented route? With styles and trends always changing, it’s better not to be committed to just one bag all your life, especially an expensive one at that.

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Fast Fashion Takes Control

Fast fashion- renting your clothes is the better choice

It’s a new approach to the perfect ensemble. It revolutionizes a new way of shopping and styling. We live in a world where fast fashion means everything to the fashion industry. The demand for what’s on trend forces shoppers to buy those trendy items for a cheaper price.

“What we’ve seen in the last decade is women leaning towards trying and experimenting with different labels, making fashion statements and not spending an arm and leg on it and not being concerned with the long-term quality of garments,” Andrew Billings, principal at consulting firm North Highland, told Retail Dive. “That has lead to the rise of H&M and Zara, and the mindset that I’m buying to wear for a season or two, nothing beyond that.”

Retail Dive also went on to say that fast fashion has conditioned buyers to expect fashionable clothing without the expensive price tag. With the trends constantly changing, there should be no reason to not want to rent. Your closet will get what’s in style and get rid of what’s out by renting. One of the most well known online renting websites, Rent the Runway, has been exceptional at providing consumers with great items for a reasonable monthly fee. Now there are tons of more stores offering the same thing such as The Ms. Collection, Le Tote, Gwynnie Bee, and Armarium.

It’s especially crucial to the millennial generation. It’s like Netflix for your clothes. It can’t get any better than that.


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