Geek Girl Fashion: The Ladies of ‘Firefly’

Geek girl fashion, firefly

Hello there, geeky fashionistas! Today, I want to go ahead and steal the looks of a few of my favorite women of all time: the Firefly ladies! This show was so wonderful for so many reasons (which I’m not going to get into now because we will all start crying), but one of my top favorites was the fact that there were four main female characters who were all diverse, beautiful, and totally kick-ass in their own ways. So why not take on the fashion personas of these women in your daily life?

Firefly  Fashions

Whether you want to be sexy, sweet, dangerous, or badass, there are looks here for all sides of you. The best part of Firefly was that each of the women more or less embodied one of these traits, but in any given episode, they would all surprise you with the depth and fullness of their characters. Now those are some women I want to grab a beer (and trade fashion tips) with!

River Tam

Geek girl fashion: river tam from 'firefly'

River’s clothes are a mix of dangerous and dreamy, just like River herself. She has a wonderful balance of hard and soft in her outfits that I’ve always loved. To get the “Objects in Space” look, try the gorgeous white sweater vest here. And the red sweater that she wears in “Safe?” Kohl’s has something similar. A cute peasant skirt would round out that look, but don’t forget the shoes! As Mal says, “Ah, the pitter-patter of tiny feet in huge combat boots.” You might want to check a thrift store for some really good ones, but these would do a pretty fine job in a pinch. Make sure to let your hair down all wild and free to truly embody the spirit of River Tam. Now, dance like you mean it!

Zoë Washburne

Geek girl fasion: zoë washburne on 'firefly'

I believe Zoë is the toughest character in the series, and I think many people would agree with that. She’s beautiful, she’s the point man on missions, and she pulls herself together during one of the most devastating moments in the series. Basically, Zoë is the best. If you want to get her look, I suggest some tan corduroys and a heavy belt. We all know that the leather vest is going to be damn near impossible, but Etsy has a few vests that look better than anything I’ve seen in regular stores. Some great riding boots are also going to help you with the head-to-toe look. And as for her hair, this video here shows how to style a bantu knot out that you can then finish in the morning. Zoë is such an amazing character, so let her lend strength to your day.

Inara Serra

Geek girl fasion: inara serra on 'firefly'

Inara has an incredible style that just makes you want to fall down and worship her. The silk robes (for which you can splurge a little) and gorgeous drop earrings, always with a bold lip color, are really just the extra accessories to Inara’s look. When you want to get sexy and while still looking totally classy, try the red crop top here that is a great dressed-down version of Inara’s top from the picture above. And remember that Inara’s accessories and clothes are always over-the-top but somehow sophisticated: lots of silks, lots of draping. Oh, and here’s a neat black veil that could work as a play on Inara’s (for when you have to go get your man).

Kaylee Frye

Geek girl fasion: kaylee frye on 'firefly'

So Kaylee is the most adorable person in the whole entire world. And because of that, why wouldn’t you want to be her? Kaylee’s jumpsuit might not work as walkin’ around clothes, but a pair of army green overalls would have the same effect. Pair it with any loud, patterned shirt you can find at a thrift store, and you’re a perfect Kaylee! Something fun to have lying around might be this replica version of Kaylee’s gorgeous parasol from Think Geek. And, of course, you gotta have your combat boots. Try this fun double hair bun tutorial too to get Kaylee’s look from the episode “Serenity.”

That about wraps it up for Firefly fashions! As always, I will continue bringing you ideas for your wardrobe based on your favorite fandoms, and I ask you to leave any of your ideas for other clothing items or future topics in the comments. Y’all have a good day, and remember not to let anybody try and take the sky from you.