Al Pacino Wants In With The Marvel Family

It seems like the last time someone expressed interest in a role at Marvel, they ended up with one comically repetitious line in a major summer blockbuster and an additional mysterious role in the future (Vin Diesel). While some actors patiently wait for Scorsese or Spielberg to cast them in one memorable role, others look to Marvel to be a part of something grand and magical. Marvel has been gifted thus far with great performers. Already we’ve seen Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Redford, Glenn Close, and Jeff Bridges add girth to Marvel’s ranks, bloating it with so much star power that it’s a spiral galaxy of talent. Rumor is the legendary Al Pacino now wants a piece of the interstellar pie.

Finding A Place

It all started when Pacino was approached by Deadline at the Venice Film Festival and had nothing but good things to say about the widely popular Guardians of the Galaxy (in case you couldn’t get enough headlines). He even went as far as to say, “I recognized the ingenious stuff they were doing; the invention, the attractiveness of the way they were performing it. It had Shakespearian feeling to it at times. I was caught up in the big screen.” Then when asked whether he would be interested in joining the Marvel family, he enthusiastically said, “I would do anything that I could understand in terms of how I fit in it. And you know, of course if I could fit in it. Anything’s possible. You know, I did Dick Tracy and I got an Oscar nomination, so come on. I mean, what can I say?”

Well, he’s said enough. Assuming that Marvel is the wise mega studios we believe it is, they’re going to want to reel this fish in. Bringing in the Oscar winner would attract more mature audiences and elevate not only the character, but film as well. It’s unfortunate however that he isn’t 30 years younger as he would have played an excellent Dr. Strange. But with his film on the horizon Pacino may find his place soon enough in a significant and diabolical stand out role.


Ruler of the fiery realm, Mephisto is known for his deceptive bargaining. To reference one of Pacino’s greatest roles he always tells the truth, even when he lies. He is most often associated with the origins of Ghost Rider and the Spirits of Vengeance, but has battled Spiderman, the Silver Surfer, Thor, and even Galactus. Though there’s been minimal interaction between the two, Mephisto’s presence in Strange’s story is much like Thanos’s involvement in phase one and two so far, ominously lurking and pulling strings in the background. Much like Pacino’s Scarface, he wants what’s coming to him, which is the Marvel world and everything in it.

Now anyone who’s seen The Devil’s Advocate can testify to the true evil that Pacino can impersonate. With Dr. Strange’s solo film scheduled to hit production soon there’s a slight possibility that Strange’s ultimate enemy Mephisto could take form, either in stop motion capture or as a human on Earth. Pacino is likely to nail whichever entity combining that maniacal grin and raspy Hellish tone to encapsulate Marvel’s devil incarnate.

Al Pacino’s involvement in the MCU would be welcomed by all. As it stands, one of Marvel’s constant criticisms involves the lack of compelling villains, an issue that Pacino can easily remedy with another menacing performance. Which character would you like to see him portray?