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Buy an Xbox One, Get Destiny for Free (Plus $50 Xbox Credit!)

There’s no question Microsoft is timing a big sale for the Xbox One as Destiny releases this week. Now as the huge list of fall 2014 releases begin to roll in, plenty of gamers have an excuse to switch to a next generation console. Microsoft is trying to scoop them up with a free copy of Destiny and a few other slick bonuses.

The Microsoft Store is offering the Standard Edition Xbox One for $399 with a $50 Xbox Gift Card and a free Xbox One game. You choose one of 35 games at checkout, the most relevant of which is Destiny. Elsewhere a copy will cost you $59.99. Add in the Gift Card and you’re looking at a $110 bonus.

The Xbox Gift Card is more like a “Gift Code” arriving via email and redeemable on Xbox LIVE. The Microsoft Store offers the same bundle with their more expensive Xbox One + Kinect for $499.

Other big name retailers are offering the Xbox One for $399.99 with both Madden NFL 15 AND your choice of a free game. GameStop has the $399.99 Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Bundle with a total of 31 game options to choose from, including Destiny. At Best Buy the situation is nearly identical, where they offer around 33 games. Both stores offer free shipping or free store pickup (where available).

The Xbox One bundles all run through Saturday, September 13th. These bundle offers are the best incentives to buy yet from Microsoft, and will probably be as good as we’d expect until the holiday season around Black Friday.