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HP’s Managed Printer Services (MPS) Will Boost Your Productivity and Security

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HP MPS for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every company needs a high functioning, secure, and user-friendly printing and imaging environment. Document security is a growing concern but documents can be safeguarded and overall productivity will increase with HP Managed Printing Services (MPS). With a fully customizable approach, HP MPS assesses and fulfills your business’s needs for increased printing productivity and security. MPS is entirely scalable and far reaching for midsize companies, as well as large enterprises. Industry analysts report that while printing costs vary by company, up to 30% savings on office printing costs are typical with Managed Print Services. Here is an overview of a few of the benefits of HP MPS for midsize to large companies:

Increase Productivity and Free Up Your IT Team

HP MPS specialists know that you both deserve and need to focus on your business goals, not the functioning of your printing environment. With HP MPS, the strengths and weaknesses of your printing process and environment can be professionally evaluated and improved through the use of discovery sessions, assessments, diagnostic tools, and workshops. HP MPS offers you expert printer fleet management, roots out hidden excess printing costs, improves information flow, and utilizes a consultative approach to customize your MPS journey. They support you during the implementation and continued use of MPS with their Management of Change (MoC) process. The MoC process focuses on expectation alignment, goal setting, communication, training, and performance evaluation.

Whatever industry you are in, your IT professionals are no doubt essential to your organization’s day to day functioning and survival. MPS provides you with MPS specialist and HP IT team support and automated supplies replenishment focused specifically on your unique printer environment. With MPS, your company’s IT team can concentrate on more strategic priorities and you will also boost overall employee productivity by reducing device downtime.

Increase Your Printer Control and Security

When your confidential documents are unclaimed or accessed in an unauthorized manner, your company’s data security decreases. HP MPS centrally manages both HP and non-HP devices to give you greater control over your printing and imaging environment. You can protect your sensitive documents with the HP MPS portfolio of security solutions and services, including planning workshops, Security Advisory Services, the HP Imaging and Printing Security Center, and options for printer authentication, secure pulling, and user-friendly card authorization procedures. Employees can even print from their mobile devices to one of your secure printers.

Measure Your Printing Environment’s Efficiency With the Online MPA Assessment Tool

One of the most appealing aspects of HP Managed Printer Services is that HP has made it easy for curious and new customers to explore MPS. They are passionate about improving, streamlining, and securing your printing environment and offer the free online HP Managed Print Analysis (MPA) tool to assess your printing environment’s efficiency. Customers can receive a snapshot of their printing environment by answering a set of questions from HP. If you try out the MPA Tool, you’ll receive a personalized report on any inefficiencies in your current printing environment and a description of how HP MPS can offer your company a boost in productivity and save you money as well.


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