Remember Aaron Hernandez? Netflix Will Release “The Killer Inside” Soon

The Killer Inside

The trailer for Killer Inside- The Mind of Aaron Hernandez is out; it is a documentary that will be present and broadcasted on the streaming service, Netflix. The seires centers around the convicted murder and NFL star, New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez. 

Aaron was proven guilty for murdering the brother of his fiance, Odin Lloyd, who was also his friend. Soon after, he was sentenced to life in prison. But then, he was charged for yet another crime, the double homicide of Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu. A few days later, Hernandez committed suicide and was found dead in his jail cell.  

What You Need to Know about The Killer Inside

The documentary is a three-part series and looks incredibly intense. More than the murder investigation itself, the teaser puts the nurture part of Hernandez on center stage picking elements from his life in the NFL, his moments as a teenager, the accusations against his disposition, and his accounts of what childhood was like for him in the Hernandez household. 

The trailer is brutally haunting. It seems that everyone gets a voice and has an opinion on the matter. 

During the arrest, stories went around depicting how the athlete struggled off the field in his personal life. Hernandez was known to go through a phase of drug abuse and had ties to the mob. 

But the trailer goes on talking about how he was a “ticking time bomb,” and the NFL did not see the signs. The series really delves deep, going to the root of the problem, with conversations such as this one, where Hernandez talks to his family and says, “you fucked me up.” The teaser goes on to talk about how the player feared his father most of life and that he grew up in a family were sudden violent outbursts were a routine thing. 

When you think that the trailer has gone deep enough, you see clips of how the events were not just about him, but so many lives that he had a connection with that influenced his tragedy.

Are you going to check out the Killer Inside?

These series are going to be crucial for Netflix as it goes head to head with other streaming services like Disney + with its amazing content that fans continue to rave about today. Fan favorites such as The Mandalorian and other amazing Disney+ features really make it to where everyone must step up their content game.

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