Is the World According to Jeff Goldblum Any Good?

Jeff Goldblum’s presence on screen and off has made him into an avant-garde icon that is hard to ignore. There is something about his intense features balanced by a lanky figure, and sincere smile that makes you want to pay attention to this actor, his unabashed joy towards most things in life is why many follow him. 

Should Jeff Goldblum have a show? The producers over at Disney seem to think so.

I guess it makes sense. The actor should have the personality to carry on a show and make it worth your while.

The executives at Disney+ give Goldblum free reign to run around and explore the world we know. I checked out the first episode, it was on sneakers, and I think I’ll keep up with the show.

What You Need To Know about The World According To Jeff Goldblum

The World According to Jeff Goldblum is shot like a documentary series instead of being on a reality show, which is what one may assume upon hearing the name. Each episode presents a new and compelling pop culture topic.

As Goldblum says in the trailer, “I don’t know anything, that is the premise” the camera follows Jeff around as he asks questions, geeks out or expresses his awe, disgust, excitement, and surprise. 

Kids and adults will love the show, for it keeps asking why some of the things in the world are the way they are. You also get to join Jeff Goldblum on a quest to find the answers. Occasionally, you may even see him interacting with brands like Nike. 

These different episodes will whisk you away into the world of sneakers to ice cream to tatoos. There’s so many entertaining aspects to learn and see concerning each theme.

Talking about The Why

Goldblum may sit down with the makers of Ben & Jerry’s, or go on about an exciting family anecdote, or sing. The eclectic actor may play basketball and understand why basketball sneakers mean so much to different people within the world.

But there’s much more the show as Jeff gets into the why of things. For example, he talks about the pull of ice cream being nostalgic, that every time we have a bite as an adult, it reminds us of people we used to be close to, and that makes us happy. 

Goldblum is first an actor before he is an interviewer, which is a good thing for the show but might also be a limitation to it as well. He is very upbeat and positive; he looks at things like he would view a painting in a museum. Audiences can’t help but join him, but is he digging into topics in the way a seasoned interviewer would? No, that’s what makes the show. 

The World According To Jeff Goldblum is supposed to fun and to entertain and not necessarily become a 60 minutes Esque briefing.

His celebrity counters that, ordinary people love talking to Jeff, and put up with his shenanigans without questions.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum, is a great show to watch while you are multitasking. It is interesting, and many might even find it soothing. 

The show is bright in the way of its artistry and inoffensive, making it great for all viewers. But there are some things to take away from it as well, like Jeff’s openness to everything, and his unabashed and uncapped joy at things, which is something we could all use. 

Like the host of the show, the show itself has an eclectic and quirky vibe to it. Follow Goldblum into some fascinating rabbit holes. Watch the show and learn how the ordinary can become something much more.

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