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Quick Fixes to Mac Overheating Problems

MacBooks are robust machines, but they are also susceptible to overheating issues. It is normal for Macs to heat up when working on heavy processes. That said, overheating during regular use is a sign of a problem. An overheated Mac may crash and shut down unexpectedly on its own. It will also slow down your Mac’s performance, plus it can also damage internal hardware like your fan and battery.  Let us dissect and tell you why your Mac might be overheating and ways to stop it.

Major Reasons for Overheating

Your Mac might heat up often due to various reasons. Some of the common reasons include: having malware on your device, too many open tabs, and heavy apps running at the same time. You might be using apps that might be consuming CPU & RAM heavily. It might also be caused by accumulated dirt and dust on your Macs internal components such as fans, and lack of enough air circulation. So, how do you fix a Mac overheating issues? 

Quick and Easy Fixes

Restart your MacBook

One simple way to help fix overheating issues on your Mac is to reboot it just like you would with your phone. To achieve this, simply turn it off and on again by heading over to your Apple menu and click on Restart option. Well, restarting your Mac will fix minor issues that may bloat up your machine. It is important to note that when restarting your MacBook, your screen may be unresponsive. In such an instance, press and hold the power and control button to do a force restart. This might, however, lead to losing your unsaved data

Check and Manage Open Tabs and Apps

Opening multiple tabs at once is one of the major reasons for Mac overheating. The more the open tabs, the more the resources being used, leading to an overload. You will notice that your Mac will start running slow and hot. There are online resources featuring few tips and solutions to a MacBook running slow and overheating, that you can study.. As a rule of thumb, avoid putting too much load on your MacBook. Depending on your specs, running many processes at a time affects the performance of your device. You can also use tools like a Mac cleaner app to manage junk that could slow down and overheat your machine. 

Check your Fan

Fans can be noisy and distractive, especially when they are faulty. You can check if yours are working properly by running diagnostic checks on your device. You can do so by simply connecting the power cable and shutting down your Mac, then press the power button and hold down the D key. Go ahead and select a language to use and follow instructions, which will then suggest solutions. Once done, you can either shut down or restart your Mac.

You should also know that when dirt and dust accumulate on the motherboard of your device, the fan will not be able to perform its tasks correctly. You can clean up the vents for better air circulation to reduce overheating.

Tip: Try to use the Mac in a cooler room and avoid using surfaces that are poor conductors of heat.

In a Nutshell

If your Mac is still overheating after the quick fixes, you might need to check in with a Mac specialist. Fix and diagnose your overheating Mac for a more efficient and effective machine. It will also increase the life of your Mac.

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