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The Worst MacBook Problems & Easy Fixes to Them

Macs are durable machines, but it is common that over time, they will start developing problems that can prove a headache to you. That does not mean you should get rid of it. There are likely fixes that could help your situation. Let us look at the worst problems experienced by MacBook and how to fix them.

Failure to connect to a network

You may find that all your other devices are connecting to your Wi-Fi network apart from your MacBook. There is an easy fix to this; try to forget the network then try reconnecting again. Go to the Network page, and under System Preferences, click the Advanced Options. There will be a Preferred Network list, that is, networks you have used before or are available for connection. Now, highlight the network you want to forget and click the “–” button. Click on ‘Remove’ to forget the network. Next, click on the Wi-Fi icon in your menu bar and reconnect to the network by entering its password.

Black or grey startup screen

You may open your MacBook, its power is on, you can hear it running, but your screen is black or grey. This means that your MacBook failed to boot properly. You can solve the booting problem by starting your Mac in safe mode. It will ensure that your MacOS starts with minimum drivers and software. Additionally, macOS will check and repair your startup disk and directory issues, causing the booting problems. Start your Mac, press and hold the shift key to start up on safe mode. The apple logo will appear for a few minutes as the MacOs run a diagnostic on the hard disk. Hold the shift key until the logo vanishes and the login screen pop-up. Now, start your Macbook normally, by restarting it without holding any keys.

Full Disk error

The message ‘your disk is almost full’ may appear while you are operating your MacBook. This means soon you will run out of operation and storage space, and your MacBook may even start operating sluggishly. First, check on storage by clicking the Apple icon, select About this Mac and click on Storage. You will see the amount of space used and what is taking up most of your space. You can learn more about the problem and consider solutions like deleting unnecessary apps, files, and temporary cache. You can use a Mac cleaner app to help manage your machine to avoid full disk errors. You can also install a bigger hard disk, transfer files to external drives or opt for cloud storage.

Apps failing to respond

You may be operating an app, and all over sudden, it hangs and stops responding. The solution to this is Force Quit. Just Click ‘Command-Option-Escape.’ This will open the Force Quit menu from the Apple icon at the upper left corner of your desktop. Highlight the applications that you want to Force Quit and click on the Force Quit button. You can Force Quit multiple applications by holding the shift key, selecting the apps then clicking on the Force Quit button. 

Blue startup screen

If you start your MacBook and the screen turns blue, there is a login item that is incompatible with your MacOS. You will need to remove login items one at a time until you identify which one is causing the problem. Go to the System Preferences, then Users & Groups. Under the current user at the left side of the window, click on your user name. Further, on the upper side, click the tab on Login Items at the window’s right side. Highlight an item to remove from the list and click on “-” at the bottom of the window. Restart your Mac, and if the issue is not solved, remove another item until your Mac starts up well. Click the “+” sign at the bottom of the window to add items back to the login items list.

Final remarks

Try some of the fixes to help solve your MacBook problems. Some Mac problems can be hard to fix if you don’t have the technical skill. You can always seek professional help from an expert in MacBook repairs to help fix advanced Mac issues.

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