‘Pokemon Go’ Gets Spooky With a Halloween In-Game Event

Pokemon go in-game event for halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and as many retailers and businesses are gearing up for specials and sales, Pokemon Go is jumping on board and planning it’s very first in-game event. The event will take place from October 26 through November 1st.

During this time, the opportunity for trainers to catch some of the games spookiest Pokemon will increase. They will appear much more frequently too. Some of these include ghost Pokemon such as Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar. Other Pokemon to make more frequent appearances will be Hypno, Drowzee, Golbat, and Zubat. Not only is this going to be occurring, but trainers that catch and transfer Pokemon will earn more candies than they normally would.

Surely if this is a success then the game will continue to roll out with these special events that benefit the trainers in their quest for new and more powerful Pokemon. Watch the trailer below for complete details.

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