Why Is ‘Pokemon Go’ So Popular?

Pokemon go

It’s no secret that the new Pokemon app, Pokemon Go, has exploded into popularity within hours of its release. It’s brought communities together and has given families of all ages a fun activity to participate in together daily. It’s hard to go out now without seeing at least a handful of people trying to catch ’em all. Even people who weren’t fans of the popular TV show or original games are joining in on the fun. So, what is it that makes Pokemon Go so popular?

For some, it’s simply a way to relive fond childhood memories with other 90s kids who grew up loving the same classic anime and GameBoy games. For others, it’s a great way to connect with their kids–to go out and basically have an Easter egg hunt for Pokemon–while giving them incentive to do a bit of exercise.

Nostalgia is Powerful

Pokemon Go is starting friendships and giving people a fun way to come together in restaurants, at activities, and virtually anywhere else (the grocery store, for example). It has brought so much happiness to people across the world (where the app is available, of course–hopefully it will become available in more countries soon), especially with the kids who grew up longing to become Pokemon masters.

What would our ten-year-old selves think if we went back and told them that there really would be a time in the future where we could catch Pokemon with all of their friends using a Pokemon Go account? Talk about childhood dreams coming true, right? That’s been the general feedback we’ve been hearing about the app’s popularity: it’s a fun game that incorporates elements of the old games but with a live-action twist that brings childhood dreams into real life through a Pokemon Go account.

There are countless reasons as to why the Pokemon Go app has soared into popularity, but nostalgia definitely seems to play the biggest factor. Why do you think the app is so popular? Answer in the comments below!

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