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Avoid Digital Eye Strain with Phonetic Computer Eyewear

Normal life for most people these days is staring at a screen. Whether it be your smartphone, the computer screen at work, or gaming into the witching hour, we’re all staring at something and it’s clear that there’s no going back. After a while though, it starts to catch up with you and you begin to wonder if there’s anything you can do. You might be like me and start by Googling “dear Internet, why are there bags under my eyes? I am far too young for this.” You might get headaches and tired eyes and discuss this with your optometrist, who will tell you to give your eyes a rest already. Some other common symptoms from digital eye strain are neck pain, dry eyes, and blurred or double vision. Pretty serious stuff.

An Easy Remedy for Eye Strain

Eye strain is no fun. Lucky for us, there is a workable solution. Technology has caught up and protective eyewear has been created to help our eyes adjust to the plugged-in lifestyle. And I’m not talking about those big yellow tinted gaming glasses we wore as kids. Phonetic Computer Eyewear is here to rescue us from eye strain. Phonetic Eyewear’s lenses reflect and absorb some of that annoying blue light put out by your computer or other device.

The Vision Council highly suggests you get yourself a pair, “…this eyewear has lenses that are constructed specifically for the mid-distance range at which users typically view a digital screen, and they can be purchased with or without a prescription. The lenses and filters are customized to reduce blurriness and pixilation, decrease brightness, block blue light, and minimize glare while working in front of a screen—or multiple screens.”

Phonetic computer eyewear


I’ve personally been suffering from eye fatigue because I spend hours editing the fantastically written content for this website. I am also hopelessly addicted to my e-reader. These two things alone cause me some major eye strain. So when Phonetic Computer Eyewear reached out to Geek Insider to review a pair of these glasses I was positively giddy. I chose the Blair glasses in tortoise. I immediately saw a marked improvement in how my eyes felt after a workday wearing them.

I’ve worn glasses since the 4th grade (poor me, I know) so I consider myself somewhat of a spectacle expert. This is a quality pair of glasses on top of having the extra protection. And it’s not like you have to wear these glasses and then switch to something else after you’re done staring at a screen. You can wear them all day. There is a significant difference. My eyes no longer feel tired after work. They don’t burn because I’m not blinking. I’m absolutely devoted to these babies and have worn them each workday since they arrived.

Your Eyes Will Thank You

It’s a simple transaction too. You simply go to their website and pick out a pair of glasses that suit your face. They have tons of styles and just the right amount of trend. You can get non-prescription lenses (which cost around $59) for you lucky people out there without a prescription, or you can call up your optometrist and they’ll fax Phonetic Computer Eyewear your prescription. Their prescription glasses range from $89-$99, which is less than I’ve ever paid for a pair of prescription glasses locally.

This is an affordable and simple solution for digital eye strain and, if you haven’t already gathered from my glowing review, I highly suggest you head over to Phonetic Computer Eyewear and grab yourself a pair. A big thanks to Phonetic Computer Eyewear for offering us a pair of their spectacles for review. Selfie time!



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